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Friday, June 2, 2006

   ow...tender muscles....ow....
Time Starting Post: 2:29 pm
Current Mood: read above ^
Song Starting Post: Trying To Find Atlantis-Jamie O'Neal

hey yall. *waves* ow...my muscles are screaming in protest. mhm. i dont think i'll be pulling my bow back today. -__-;; lol. i don't really have much to talk about because i have to run all these errands and everything for people. on the internet. -_-;; anyway um....i caught someone stealing one my wallpapers. ok you know i was pissed off. and i told her i was. i'm not naming any names. it was bad enough i had to report her seeing as shes a friend of mine...and i don't like to snitch and everything but i had too because i'm not takin no shit. but she knows who she is...but anyway...well i have like 7 folks IMing me so i better go. ^^ i'll see yall later.

Time Ending Post: 2:49 pm
Song Ending Post: Georgia-Ludacris, Field Mob, Jamie Foxx

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