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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

   OMG OMG OMG!! I'M SO SORRY YALL!!! *cries*
ok ok ok i know what your thinkin. that i left yall all alone and didn't tell yall. NOT MY FAULT. i got banned because my momma was crazy and it was just >_< and i'm sorry. please don't hate me. i'm trying to get everything sorted out here. i got people telling me that the wallpapers aren't mine which they are, i got people deleting my wallpapers because of the stupid image quality. ok one thing they need to get straight here is that they need to decide right when the wallpapers go through which ones aren't good enough to get approved, ok, and not be all like "OMG YOU CAN'T SEE IT!!! TAKE HER SITE AWAY!!!' or "OMG IT'S NOT HER WALLPAPER TAKE HER SITE AWAY EVEN THOUGH SHE DIDN'T KNOW SOMEONE ELSE MADE IT!!" god all i did was find the pictures on the net just like everybody else and make the pictures bigger. if i had stolen the picture you would know. ok because not only would the picture quality be much worse than before, there wouldn't be as many of them. ok so they need to inquire before deleting wallpapers or accounts. and they need to fix this goddamn PMing and guestbook!!! >_< it's driving me INSANE!!! i had one kid tell me he couldn't sign my site because the guestbook was full. HOW THE HELL!?!?!?!? i seen folks with like 131 pages in there guestbooks and there still going strong. i get like 286 and then it says "ooh we're sorry but no one else can sign your site because the goddamn guestbook is full!!' >_<.....ok...ok ok i need to calm down....*breathes*...ok. anyway...moving on...on a lighter note...i got to see war of the worlds, shawn of the dead, and i got to go to my softball training after a very long orthodonist appointment. -____-;; and i have training on thursday from 9-12 so yeah. and my chapters are back. ^^ i still gotta write 19 and 20 though. -______-;; but i guess it's better than rewriting the whole thing again huh...*sighs* when i get the 1st chapter back, that's the one that's going up here. i now hereby declare thursday as chapter day!! i will put a new chapter up ever thursday. that should get us through 20 weeks. but...of course...i won't be here one of those weeks. mhm. because i have camp to go to..i'll tell you more about that later. ok anyway i better go now...i'm really busy cuz i have to get everything working again...bye.

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