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Sunday, May 28, 2006

   *yawns*....once again i just woke up....
Time Starting Post: 1:00pm
Current Mood:....what do you think?
Song Starting Post: Ohio is For Lovers-Hawthorne Heights

once again...i wake up late. i ended up staying awake late til 6 in the morning, on the otaku and making e-cards and everything...and putting buttons on my site and adding folks to my yahoo...yeah...OMG I FOUND AN MCR PIC!!! YALL NEED TO SEE IT!!! HERE IT IS:

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there we are. ^^ lol. and i was watching The Series of Unfortunate Events move last nite, and i just noticed that Klaus is HOT, i don't know if anyone else agrees with me, but yeah. ^^ lol that was SO random that was like out of nowhere. lol. ok well i'm going to go see how my e-cards are doing, and i hope yall send them. ^^ thanx.

Time Ending Post: 1:06pm
Song Ending Post: Helena-My Chemical Romance

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