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Saturday, May 27, 2006

   ....*yawns*....mornin' all....
Time Starting Post: 1:08
Current Mood: sleepy
Song Starting Post: Soul Survivor-Akon and Young Jeezy

hey yall. thanx for the comments yesterday. it makes me feel good when people comment. like they actually care, you know?
well anyway on with the post. woke up today at 12:30 because i was a dumbass. i actually thought i could beat my sister at Othello and i got my ass whooped. then i tried to beat my momma, who is WAY better than kathy, and she whooped my ass too. gah now i know how my daddy feels. -______- he's not to good at it either. he gets beat too. um lets see what else...oh yeah Jaine i have one thing to say to you:
THAT E-CARD WAS WRONG!!!!! i hate that pairing, kaixhilary. >_< sorry if you feel differently but it's what i believe. if you have a problem with it, please see my profile words. ^ up at the top. mhm. have a nice day. now for those of you who are open minded, i prefer the kaixOC deal. yeah. and NO kaixtyson XP that's just wrong and gross and weird. i don't know about tyson, but...i know kai ain't gay. he's too hot to be gay. *shrugs* but that's just what i think. anyway...we had chili dogs for lunch. ^^ they were good cuz my daddy cooked them up. lol. i have a question for everyone who comes to day. if you comment, please answer the question k? here it is:

What kind of PJ's do you wear?

now i'm just asking out of curiosity. if it makes you feel better i wear i gray mini tank top with georgia bulldog pants. =D lol see it's not that hard. *shrugs* well i'll see yall later. squirrel

Time Ending Post: 1:20
Song Ending Post: What You Know-TI from the movie ATL (that movie is fuckin awesome ^^)

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