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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

D: holy crap yall! >.< i haven't updated in a while ;w; i'm really really sorry. i'll make my post extra long to apologize :P

Okie dokie then, somethings that happened to me over my...absence (good things are in bold, bad things are italicized):

Went on vacation to Tampa, FL
Got tons of manga
Had two emotional breakdowns
Went to see my granny
my boyfriend tried to commit suicide
Mom's gravestone marker came in (and it's gorgeous!)

So yeah....there's some things i did :3 and yall should see my manga collection now! let me see...i have absolute boyfriend 1, basara 1-7 & 13-19, Beyblade 1-11, Chobits 1-3, DNAngel 1, FMA 1-2 & 6-12, Fruits Basket 1-3 & 7-16, Love Hina 7-8, and Negima! 5-6. ^^ feel free to borrow any of my manga xD that's what most of my friends at school do...sometimes my manga go missing for ages, and then i go around collecting them X.x and! i found out that Hot Topic has tried selling more anime shirts in there stores! *gasp* i went to the one in valdosta, ga, and it turns out that they actually had a fruits basket and FMA military shirt. i wanted to get both but i had already bought several manga TT__TT;;; so yeeeeah...oh gosh D: i gotta go ready for school and such. thanks for reading! this is the Hyper Alchemist, out! :3

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