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Sunday, February 4, 2007

heyo, myo-ans. *bows*

you can tell i'm tramautized when i actually bow...heheh. anyway, i guess i'm doing better...not as good as i want but better than oh say...last week. definitely crying less. i'm sorry though to those who really wanna hear from me. and if you wanna know any details on me/my mom/how she died, just go to my journal on gaia.

My Journal

to those of you who are members of gaiaonline.com, please comment. tell me what you think. i'd really appreciate it. if anyone wants to talk to me on msn or yahoo messenger:

YIM: matts_georgia_squirrel
MSN: kaiz_fan_baby@hotmail.com

but please don't flame me TT_TT i really wouldn't appreciate it.

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