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Thursday, June 29, 2006

   thanx yall

at least i know that if i go anywhere yall will miss me! oooh ;.; i know i'm loved on here somewhere.

ok so about my trip. i went to tifton, as you know, and while i was there, i was helping meh granny get ready for cousin susie coming to spend a week with her. ^^ i got to pressure wash the house and i got squiggle lines in the concrete XD it was fuckin awesome. i got 20 dollars for it and i got to buy meh a dixie shirt (it says bowhunting: the ultimate challenge) and a new rebel necklace with spikes. it's awesome as well. ^_~

i finally convinced my sis to let me borrow howl's moving castle, so now it's sitting on meh shelf waiting to be watched a hundred times. ^^ but that is meh favorite movie by hayao miyazaki, and then it's spirited away and then princess mononoke. yeah....

i had weight training today so meh arms are sore. T^T but they get over it, yep. and i got me a big jug of gatorade so i ish happy now. ^^ lol. grape flavor is awesome bitches *raves*

oh yeah a new thing i saw on people's sites is asking them questions and such. so i guess i got 3 for yall here. if yall don't like me doin this just tell me. ^^ so anyway here are meh questions:

1.What's your favorite sport to watch?
2.What's your favorite sport to play?
3.What's your favorite sport you wish hadn't started playing?

i guess that's it. yep. <.< well i'll see yall later. have good days yall!

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

   i'm back peeps! XD

i'm back from tifton and i had loads of fun. for those of you who commented and everything, i really appreciate it. i'd type more but i'm tired right now so...i'll talk to yall later. ^^

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Monday, June 26, 2006

   i ish early posting!

ok the reason i'm posting early is cuz when i was supposed to be at weight training today, it's started storming and everything and so field practice was cancelled and when we go to weight training, the power's out in all the schools in that area so...no training today! YAY! *victory sign*

on a slightly heavier note, sometime today around 12 i'm leaving to go to tifton for two days, so i may or may not be able to post from there, depending on if my granny's comp is related to mine >.> if you know what i mean. which i doubt. cuz sometimes i make a joke and nobody gets it. -_-;;;; so yeah...but i won't be making wallpapers or anything until wednesday night or something like that. yuppers.

and speaking of wallpapers, i made 2 new wallpapers yesterday, which i hope you will check out. one is called "In The End" by Linkin Park, and i had original intended for the picture to be full screen, but when i went to go put the words on there, that didn't work out so...meh. the second one is called "Missing" by Evanescence, and it's a very sad song in my opinion. OMG! i have the beyblade AMV for that song!! here's the video (please watch it, it's very good and you'll like it, i promise)

when you watch it, please tell me what you think of it, cuz i'll post yall's comments on it on youtube. ^^ well...actually i don't think i will cuz i'm too lazy >.> XD lol...but um...well the thunderstorm is getting worse now so i guess i'll go. OH WAIT before i go, here's the remaining positions (the ones with * next to them are still undecided in being open or not):


ok so those are the ones that are still open. if your an elder god, please say so, that way i can write your name down cuz i forget who all the gods are cuz so many people requested and stuff so >.> just tell me in a comment, ok? well i have to go now. see yall laters! *waves*

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

   wow i'm like...totally amazed O.O

i half expected my comp to crash again this morning and it didn't! TEH WOOT!! lol XD ok anyway yesterday:

i got several requests for elder gods and i have a list of those that are still available:


so if you want to be any of those, just tell me. ^^

i also got loads of requests for the dante fan clubs, vergil fan clubs, AND i got one request for the rap fan club! hell yeah XD

next thing...i made a cd yesterday and it kicks ass. :D lol it's got...disturbed, linkin park, evanescence, relient k, red hot chili peppers, limp bizkit, system of a down, pretty ricky, teriyaki boys, nickelback, and nelly furtado on it. :D so yeah i got some kick ass bands. ^^

wow i ran out of things to talk about....O.O is that possible???? <.< >.> i don't know >< lol. o.e i ish going insane. mhm. ok o.o i'll shut up now. see yall later.

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

   ok i'm feeling better today!

ok i'm feeling a bit better today and so i'm going to add more to meh post today! WOOT!! well let's see to start off with...

I have found a new thing i can do! i can make couple avatars!! you know, like if your dating or going out with someone, i can make you a special avatar with your two favorite characters (mostly guyXgirl you know) and it'll be real special. ^^ here's some examples:

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

i'd put mine up there but it got deleted in the crash and so now it's on only my msn and yahoo messenger so...so if you want me to make you an avatar, i'm always here so you just bring you along a good pic and i'll make it for you ^^.

second order of business: i have come to the conclusion that ghostblade is never going to come back, so i have taken over the role of head chiefness elder god. ^^ so from now on if you want to be an elder god you have to contact ME!!!!! lol. also i have made a new god and in the process of making 2 other ones. the one that's already made is Elder God of Shadows (vince demonhunter if yall wanna talk to him) and the ones that ain't made yet is Fear and Punishment, so if yall wanna donate pics i'm cool with that. ^^

ok next up, i have 3 new clubs for yall today! so if you wanna join any of them, please tell me! ok? and i'll add you to the list(s)! here's the clubs:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The Vergil Fan Club!! For those fans who love the Dante-older-twin-brother villain from Devil May Cry!! PM me or vince demonhunter to join. ^^

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The Dante Hunting Club! For those Demon-hunting fans who love the goddamn hot hero from Devil May Cry! PM me or vince demonhunter!

and now my personal fave ^^

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
THE MYOTAKU RAP FANS!!! MyOtakuians, the age of Rap on the MyO has begun!! if you like 50 Cent, Eminem, Dem Franchise Boys, Ludacris, Mary J. Blige, Chamillionaire, Nelly, Nate Dogg, Young Jeezy, Bow Wow, Fat Joe, Ne-Yo, and any other rap artists, THIS is your club! PM me to join!! ^_~

That's all the clubs. if you want to join them, follow the instructions below them.

ok so now the post about me. ^^

we almost got hit by a tornado yesterday and it was AWESOME!!! lol

also today, me and nate will have been going out for 3, count them, 3, whole weeks. ^^ and i'm so happy. i'd be talking to him now but he's at this ritual thing that has a really long spanish name that i can't say....so >.>....XD

well i guess i'm done now....if yall find this post interesting...just comment. ^^ lol. well see yall later.

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Friday, June 23, 2006


ok i know that those of you who came to my site yesterday saw that i had loads of photobucket signs all over my site and i got those fixed. my site looks a little different but i think it's better this way...i don't know. but anyway my comp crashed again and so i've lost everything again. god i hate it when this happens. i'm so sorry yall...*cries*

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Thursday, June 22, 2006


today was the last day of softball camp, so i can come back to posting everyday like a used to. ^^ i learned alot of stuff at softball camp that most girls wouldn't have learned, and so i think i have a one up on them. ^^ we had coaches from loads of university teams come to teach us. but no UGA coaches. T^T that was a sad thing to see...but we ended up getting so hot and sweaty that we didn't give a fuck. mhm.

well i would tell you all the stuff we learned but that would take a very long time to list, explain, and demonstrate, so i'm going to skip that part. we did learn a lot though. ^^

i don't know if yall've noticed this or not, but i moved some of my pictures in photobucket, so the link for the pic may or may not work. if it's a pic i gave you and it's not working, please PM me or something so i can get it fixed for you. ^^ i still have my own to fix though <.<

i got to talk to nate again ^^ and i was so happy i started jumping up and down and shouting and my mama was like "SHUT THE HELL UP!!" cuz she was watching M*A*S*H <.< but oh well. i was happy and i had a good reason for shouting, didn't i? lol

well i hope this post is more satisfactory than the last few. >.> sorry about those. i'll see yall later. ^^

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006


i'm still here...barely. just tired...see you tomorrow...maybe...

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Monday, June 19, 2006

   i'm tired yall

i'm insanely tired from softball camp today and i have it the rest of the week so i might not get to post for being tired. please continue sending me PM's if you need to and i'll still probably be on IM if yall need me. if you have MSN messenger mine is mrs._marin@hotmail.com ok. i don't use the e-mail address so don't bother sending me e-mails to that address. i'll talk to yall later. byezers. *yawns*

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

   sorry yall....

nate never got on last nite so...i'm probably gonna be out of it today. mhm...but if he doesn't get on today....asses are getting busted...like a middle of the month PMS....*shakes head* but anyway..moving on...

i made 2 new wallpapers yesterday, both naruto. i was making a kai wallpaper but the paint program deleted my unfinished work. >.> so yeah...we don't gets a kai wallpaper now. ;_; but i did get to make an FMA e-card. i think it's funny. yall need to check out so please do.

we finally got the beans stringed, washed, and broken, and frozen so now my parents will have veggies in the winter >.> cuz me and my sis don't like green beans. XP but we still got butter beans and corn to pick and freeze and everything. oh and the tomatoes. we gotta pic those. T_T meh...

my field trip pics came back on friday, and one day i'm going to get them scanned and put them somewhere. >.> i don't know where though. it has to be somewhere secret and all...

also me and dogg (vince demonhunter if you want to visit his site) are starting a new fan club, the Dante (from devil may cry 3) fan club. ^^ it's gonna have hot pics in it and it's gonna kick ass dammit. if yall want to join just tell me and i'll put you on the list to get the banner. ^^ i hope yall join cuz this is like one of the very few things dogg ever wants to do on this site so yall be encouraging please.

i guess that's it...um...yeah. well i'll see yall later i guess.

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