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Sunday, July 9, 2006

   i hope yall enjoyed the words yesterday.

yo wuz up meh homies in da hood...sorry. felt a bit of gangsta right there. yup. nothin like gangsta...heheh...

speakin of which, i was talkin to a friend over yahoo yesterday and we were discussing gangstas and rappers and everything and i remembered that nate was gangsta and i was like ^//////////^ and my friend goes "you go out with a rapper?" and i was like "hell yeah." and he goes "a dixie girl and a rappin gangsta...." and i went ^//////^ cuz i ish so happy with da rapper. :P

moving on...i'm currently listening to faint by linkin park. yes, i know, random, but i'm kinda waitin for someone to get on so i can discuss with him a matter that is of some or a lot of urgency. >.> yeah...

movies i watched yesterday: mary poppins, annie, jeff foxworthy, the water boy, and my personal favorite, duck soup. that shit is funny. :P

oh yeah, now it's breaking the habit. mhm.

did yall like the words yesterday? i noticed that not many people commented and i was wondering if it was because of the words. i don't know. T_T i thought they was funny.

well...gonna go submit some wallpapers that won't get deleted...XP she coulda told me first...before she deleted em...gah...what's the o comin to...

now i'm listenin to From the Inside, which is the first ever linkin park song i ever heard. yup. sho is. well i'ma leave yall now. please comment. i like it when yall comment. i makes me feel special. T_T

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Saturday, July 8, 2006


hey guess what i finally got the pop ups to go away............................after the comp crashed. T_T that's like the FIFTH and a half time it's done that and it's startin to get old. you know? meh...i guess we'll just have to take it's ass to geek squad.

well i do infact remember i was going to put up yall some redneck words today and i ish keeping my promise. there are 10 of them. enjoy ^^.

1.aspect-"He got done skinny-dippin', passed out on that deck chair, and had his aspect by a woodpecker."

2.bigots-"Man, Al's belly is so bigots draggin' on the floor."

3.Calcutta-"Well, far as I can tell, Calcutta fart and then somebody struck a match."

4.condom-"She condom into thinkin' she was on the pill."

5.demographic-"Demographic photos in that dirty magazine."

6.direction-"Doc, could you give my Hank here a sample of those little blue pills? Direction ain't what it used to be."

7.mother-"My oldest brother is alright, but mother brother's crazy."

8.quota-"To quota great philosopher, it's spilt milk under the bridge."

9.sushi-"We were gonna get married, but after I told her about sushi changed her mind."

10.testament-"When I told you I hope you pass the test, Darlene, that weren't the testament."

lol i hope you like those. I got all them from Jeff Foxworthy's Redneck Dictionary: Words You Thought You Knew The Meaning Of so I thought I'd share that with yall. ^^ hey yall tell me which one was your favorite, okies?

well...i gotta fold clothes and get ready for monday once again so...see yall later. ^^

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Friday, July 7, 2006

   first the sigs now the pop ups

thanx for yall's support on the sigs and everything. i agree with all yall. mhm. but now that we know the thing behind the sigs, i need to know the thing behind the pop ups. XP for some reason, all of sudden pop ups keep comin on my comp when i don't even have the internet up. i don't know what the bloody hell is up with that but it's starting to piss me off.

well today i'm gonna start packin for monday and be ready to go. cuz after to going to camp for 3 years, you kinda get to know the routine. know what i'm saying? hehe.

yesterday i watched national treasure, larger than life, and shark tale. hey speakin of shark tale, me and my friend phoenix have this phrase we say to each other to keep up from worrying:

don't worry...about a thing...cuz every little thing, is gonna be alright.

we got that from the movie shark tale. i think it's called "Three Little Birds". not sure though.

Hey tomorrow i'm gonna put up some redneck words so yall better tell yall's friends to come to my site tomorrow to have a good laugh. ^^

well enough randomness for today. i'll see yall later and i hope yall have a good weekend. *waves*

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Thursday, July 6, 2006


WHO EVER IN THE HELL IS DELETING MY GUESTBOOK ENTRIES BETTER STOP!! i had 398 gb signings yesterday now i got like 396 and it keeps happening. I don't know if the sites are getting deleted or someone is deleting the signatures but i they better quit or they'll find a steel-toed boot up there ass if i find them. i swear to god....people worked hard to make those and if you don't like what people write in my guestbook you can just go the fuck on. i don't give a shit. so you better quit before i find you or your ass is goin in the ground. now if your like reporting the sig then at least tell me first >.>

sorry. i've been going insane because i'm really late and everything...you girls no what i'm talking about i think...and i've been dealing with the cramps and shit all through softball practice this morning so...oh about softball, today was my last day till tryouts. YAY. but it rained all through softball practice today so i'm soaking wet...heh. at least i'll be true to meh joke now that i made for nate...heheh...

i'm not gonna be here next week starting on monday because i'm going to camp jekyll in south georgia. i'll be gone till friday but i'll post on saturday. ^^ i'll tell yall all about it.

thanx to those that commented yesterday. i appreciate everyone who comes here just to listen to me rant, rave, complain, ramble, talk, whatever you wanna call it. cuz i know i can be annoying sometimes and just go on and on and on...like now. -_- sorry. but seriously yall. thankies! ^^

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Wednesday, July 5, 2006

   whats up yall

lots of folks updated yesterday, i noticed. i didn't get to everyone comment wise so...yeah

i feel really random today...does anyone know where i can get some good narutoxhinata pics? i'm not really into the show, i just have a friend who's looking for them. so just put the link in the comment please.

some other movies i watched yesterday, ice age and a series of unfortunate events. so now i'm watching shark tale and everything...

another random subject, if any of yall live in the Toa Alta district of Puerto Rico, and if you know Nate Marin, tell him to get his ass online. please. he'll know why. ^^

also another thing my friend is looking for, is a story (fanfiction i think) in which (in his words) where hinata and naruto just...do it. XD lol but he's looking for one. he's no perv he's just wanting to read the story. so if you find one just give me the link and i'll give it to him.

well i'm done being random for today. i think i might make some wallpapers or e-cards or something...i don't know. but i'ma leave now. see yall later.

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Tuesday, July 4, 2006

HAPPY 7/4/06!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well today is sure to be a good day! me and my mama, we made honey mustard and that shit is good!! mmmmmmmmmmm....and then later today were making fried apple pies and i can't wait to make it. and were having chicken fingers at my nanny and papaw's house and were gonna catch lightning bugs and light sparkelers and play softball and everything and it's gonna kick ass. well i have to go make fried apple pies now! i'll see yall later!


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Monday, July 3, 2006


well today...i got to work a bit more on HTML...if you go to Sessy514's site, you shall see we took away his navi bar as well and now his site looks really good. ^^ took a very long time though...but me and Inkenyo 2.0 finally got it working. ^_~ so if Mr. 514 is readin this, you need to sign Inkenyo 2.0's site or PM her and thank her or somethin cuz without her help your site would be majorly fucked ._.;;;;

but anyway i'm here now. i watched some more movies yesterday. think's like alice in wonderland, sleeping beauty, and NASCAR Imax, and Pirates of the Caribbean. yeah. them's was some good movies. oh yeah and i got some songs from Alice in Wonderland. first one is a recitation:

how doth the little crocodile improve his shining tail and pour the waters of the Nile on every golden scale? how cheerfully he seems to grin. How neatly spreads his claws. And welcomes little fishes in with gently smiling jaws.

And here's the second one, the Chesire cat song,
and it's one of meh faves ^^:

Twas...Brillig and the slithy toves, Did gyre and gimbel in the wabe, All mimsy, Were the borogoves, And the momeraths outrabe....

lol. i need a dictionary for that song heheh. and here's the last one, it's called the Twinkle Bat song and it's sung by a doormouse:

Twinkle, twinkle, little bat, how i wonder what you're at? up above the world you fly! like a tea tray in the sky...

lol. i like it lots and lots. heheh. well i better be lettin yall get on. Oh yeah, ghostblade came back last night and so if your an elder god you need to contact him ASAP. okeydokey? see yall.

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Sunday, July 2, 2006

   hey yall!!

some of yall may not have noticed, but i did some major site changes...that's what all the fuss was about today about all the links and junk...i didn't know how to do but i learned. ^^ like my pic right there?
that's a pic i found on deviant art. it's called Phoenix Kai by chizukahime. If you want to see the pic in it's original format go here. cuz it's cool like that. :P

i'd like to thank DBZfreak93 for the help site, inkenyo 2.0 for the help site, Reno the Turk for the help site, and the lovely Ms. Caroline (Witchhunterfan) for getting rid of that goddamned navi bar. i bow down to you caroline. *does yahoo bow down smiley* hehe. moving on...

how do yall like it? it took awhile of looking, reading, cussing, a few tears, and a few pleas of caroline to get it to work, but it did. ^^ hehe. the music thing i learned as well. ^^ and i learned how to do this. hehehehe. awesome ain't it yall? ^^

let's see...i submitted alot more wallpapers tonite, while watching scary movie 3 i might add. oh yeah i watched some movies while on the comp today. scary movie 3, the beyblade movie, and hp 4. i watched scary movie and hp all the way through because the beyblade movie sucks. i'm sorry, it does. there wasn't enough kai and too much of tyson and daichi. XP

well i better be getting on. it's almost 3 in the morning and i have to get to bed. see yalls! ^^

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Saturday, July 1, 2006

   hey yall

sorry yall...i'm just running out of things to talk about...oh wait i got something. ^^ sorry just woke up and shit...

totally random thing, but does anyone have a tutorial or know how to put a link with a picture? cuz i know i seen tutorials about it on here, but i can't really remember who had them... but if you got a tutorial, let me check it out, ok? ^^

umm.....oh yeah. i made some new wallpapers yall, so yall check them out ok? you know, comment on them, download them, do what yall do best. ^^ lol.


lol i just had to say that. ^^ but for real yall, yall have a great day! ^^

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Friday, June 30, 2006

   hey yall

okeydokey yall. sorry i was late posting. i had to write a paper for meh book assignment. and i finally got it done! woot! lol...and then before that i was watching Howl's Moving Castle for the 437th time. yup yup. howl gets hotter and hotter everytime. ^^ and you start to notice little things about the animation as well. i also have to watch the special features a few times as well. yeah...well...i don't really have anything else to say today. OH WAIT. guess what...



................give up? well i'll tell you then. my parents finally found out about nate. yeah. but they weren't mad like i thought they would be. i half expected my ma to call the cops on him and for my daddy to go tearing down there with a shotgun but he didn't. ^^ plus they didn't give a definite yes or no to going out with him, so i'm going to assume it's a yes. yep. well if yall wanna know the details PM me or IM me, which ever is easier for you. yup yup. see yall later.

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