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Thursday, August 17, 2006

hey yall, i just got back from softball practice, but i'm not at my house right now. i'm at the madison county library, typing on there comps that they have. i'm really supposed to be at down the hill at the softball tournament and helping with the concession stands but all my friends were walking up here, so i decided to come along too. so sue my ass. :P

turns out that the varsity softball team won't be playing any more in the start off tournament. they lost both their games last nite, and so today when they went to practice, they had to run poles and stay longer after practice. XP i'm glad we didn't play in it and lost...but we don't get to play in it till next year. T.T

i wish i had remembered my library card...but i didn't, so i can't get any books here today. oh well. i got some back at the stand. hey my friends are leaving, so i'll talk to all yall later. peace.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

hey yall. hey you know that feeling of deja vu? well it seems like deja vu hates me because it keeps repeating the fact that my comp keeps crashing >.< yes, my comp crashed again last nite, and i'm so pissed it's not even funny.

so anyway...i got a lot of good compliments on my new theme, thank you all ^^ so now i have to find another theme for next time (i really don't have a system for layout changes, i just changed them whenever i feel like =P). and speaking of typing, guess what my typing speed is now? 115 words a minute!!! lol i just thought i'd tell ya that...

so i'm just sitting here...eating meh sausage and biscuit, getting ready for school, all that junk...all that junk inside your trunk XD lol sorry that's the song that's stuck in my head today...even though i haven't listened to it for quite sometime now ._.;;; oh well

i gotta go get in the truck now so i'll talk to all yall later, and i hope yall have good days from here on out. ^^

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

i changed my theme yall! as if you couldn't tell :P lol well i decided that it was time to change it. and the reason i decided on a six flags theme was because i found the song on a site, and because i was supposed to go to six flags for my birthday, but i can't afford to go because i don't have enough money, so i just brought the park to the site! woot.

moving on, i posted some e-cards up over the weekend. a couple of fruits basket e-cards, i think they were. one of them got featured on the site! wooot! ^^ if you saw the momiji one that said "OMG! TGIF!!" then that was mine ^^ go me. and then i submitted some lyric wallpapers as well. one with the song Pushing Me Away by Linkin Park, and one with the song Move Along by the All-American Rejects! woo. Dante from DMC 3 was on the LP one, and Momiji was on AAR. i hope you check those out.

Well yesterday, we had softball pictures and a scrimage game, and some other random things of that sort. and today my dog got cleaned! woot. now she actually looks like a dog, instead of a pile of matted hair. she sleeps outside and stuff so that's why she looks like that. XP so we had to clean her today. put she's pretty again.

does anyone watch Comedy Central? if you do, do you watch that show Comedy Central Presents? i saw it today, and thought it was hilarious. ^_^ and if you don't like that show...well...you don't need to watch Comedy Central.

well...i best be off. please comment, i know i'm not on as much, but i'm trying to be. it's real hard though. see yall later!

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

hey yall. practice went good. we have pictures on sat, so i'll put one up here for yall to see ^^

hopefully tomorrow, i'll have time to get to all yall's sites, and comment like i should. i know i've been neglecting some of yall a bit, but i've been ultra super busy. ._.;;; i'll try to get to yall though.

thanks to one of my dear friends who comments on me (i can't remember who you are, but if your the one, i thank you) she reminded me who was the manga-ka for the manga series Alichino. and i thank her ^^

currently listening to usher....XD sorry, thought i'd be random today...no, it's not a phase. :P oh well. XD now i'm listening to green day. WMUWSE haha. yah, i know, the abbreviations, but i just don't feel like writing out "Wake Me Up When September Ends". XP

So yeah...i finally submitted some wallpapers yesterday! woot. ^^ well actually i only submitted one and one e-card. ._.;;; oh well. but yall check those out please. ^^ i gotta go now. i'll see yall later.

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Wednesday, August 9, 2006

hey yall. i gotta hurry and update before softball practice, so if there's a typo, it's not my fault. XP

right now i'm at my daddy's comp, and i'm just sitting....just after school. yeah. :D i found a new manga that i like! it's called Alichino and it's by...uhh...Shurei i think is the last name, not sure though, but if you know the manga ka's name, please put it in the comment. ^^ i gotta go now, i'll see ya later.

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Monday, August 7, 2006

hola all! ^^ sorry i ain't been here....haven't had any time on the damn comp. so yeah...i'm here now. ^_____________^

so the first two days of highschool are ok. but the problem is i get so lost....because the school is so big and everything, and i forget where my classes are ._.;;; so yah...that's why they invented maps ^-^

about the wallpapers and everything....i've been too lazy to go out and find pics so i'm just like....bleh right now.

I went to meh orthodonist appointment today. woot. i got my colors changed to red and silver (the highschool colors ^^) and i got my top wire changed and junk....so yeah, my teeth hurt now. XP

i know it wasn't much, but there just ain't much to talk about now...so yah...i might change my theme again soon so yall be ready for that whenever. yup yup. i'll see yall later!

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Saturday, August 5, 2006

sorry i ain't updated too much yall...i've been ultra super busy ._.;;; and i didn't know if everyone had gotten to my previous post, so i left it there so they could.

Today we went and sold signs to help raise money for the softball team. we need new uniforms, equipment, and money to pay the umpires with. so yeah....i was selling signs. i did perty good i think, we sold 5 signs, and got $160 in donations. woot! some people just pissed me off though. like half the people i tried to sell to lived in like Franklin county (we beat them in softball), jackson county (beat them too), Cedar Shoals (god i got so fuckin pissed), and so yeah like half the folks in Ingles were foreign XP

well i gotta go....school supply shopping. XP i'll see yall later.

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Thursday, August 3, 2006


i was like WOOOOOOOT! when i found out, but now i'm like..."meh..." oh well. i would have commented earlier, but otaku wasn't workin for me at home, so i came to my daddy's classroom and typed it here. yah yah. The space bar hardly works though....XP but it'll get over it. i don't have time to do anything major, but i'll see if i can answer yall's PM's. see yall later.

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Wednesday, August 2, 2006


sorry i didn't get around to commenting yesterday yall. my mama (remember the PMSing bitch >.>) decided to change my punishment from being 2 hours to 7 hours off the comp and shit, so i didn't get to update anything or comment on anyone. ;.;

So anyway tryout yesterday were fun, but i did worse than i though. ._.;;; well actually i didn't do bad (i did better than some girls) but i know i could've done better. there were some girls there that shouldn't have even come to tryouts. they never came to any of the weight lifting sessions or had some to work out in the field or had any kind of softball experience whatsever. XP but coach has made any cuts yet but he knows who's not gonna be on it. i'm almost certainly on the team. but today were working on hitting and a bit more running. meh.

i'll only have time to comment on the people who comment today and yesterday because i'm going to my daddy's classroom to help set up. yay! at least i get to help a little bit. but he works in a computer room! XD it's like bulldog heaven or somethin like that. but thats one place i wanna be, in a comp room. :P well i'm gonna let yall go now. see ya tomorrow!

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Tuesday, August 1, 2006

sorry i didn't update earlier yall. my ma went all PMSing bitch on me. XP

Softball tryouts today. WOOT. i have to drink something all day, so i don't get dehydrated when i go to tryout. yah yah. hopefully today i won't screw up or wig out or whatever it is.

i got loads of new requests for clubs yesterday! woot. ^^ i finally have members for the Rap Fan club. yay!^/////^ i got two new members for the KFC as well (thanx to EE2, Pipsqueak, and everyone else who requested to join a club). And i started an Otaku Archers club, so if you're an Archer or if you want to be an Archer you can join that particular club. ^^

i don't know what i'm gonna do for the o today...i guess i'll find a wallpaper to make. and an e-card or two...dunno. anyway...i guess i'll go now. thanx to all who commented yesterday! ^^

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