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Monday, January 9, 2006

   Man, this hurts!!!!

I just got spacers today yall and they hurt like hell!! For those of you not skilled in the art of knowing what spacers are, they are used to space out your teeth right before you get braces. yes i am gettin braces. and ne thing i have learned about these freakin things is that if you eat anything with them the food gets stuck. ooh, bad thought and a gross one too. sorry bout that. um..yeal please be lookin for my fanart and junk. i dont know what's goin on but none of my stuff is comin up on the site. But yall just keep readin my posts when ever yall want. Chat to yall ater. Squirrel

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Sunday, January 8, 2006

   This site is really pissing me off!!!

I put up wallpaper and e-cards 4 days ago and it still ain't up there. it said it takes approximately 48 hours and whatever 48 times 2 is, that's how long it's been. i hope it's not because they don't like them, because i worked hard on those. well, on a lighter tone, has any of yall been to any of my sites? if you don't the addresses:


I know it's a lot, but i have a very short attention span. if yall want a xanga site after lookin at mine, just mail me (it's on the site) and mail me about it. then i'l send you the info i need to fill out. and it'll all go good from there. And Fluff, if you're reading this, we to make new titles for our messages. lol. chat to yall later. squirrel

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Tuesday, January 3, 2006

   Oh my god yall I'm so sad...Waah!!!

If yall are wonderin, the reason I so sad is because the GA bulldogs lost the Suger Bowl!!! And we were so damn close too!!! but west virginia had to pull that damn sneak play on us...man that pisses me off...:animeangr well, i guess i betta get off now before i start cussin somefolks out you know. i don't do it intentionally i'm just angry....well, i'll chat to yall later...i guess....i should calm down...*drinx glass of water* there we go!! well, talk to yall later!! ~*~KDA~*~

PS I have put up cards and wallpapers so yall be lookin out fo that k? thx

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Sunday, January 1, 2006

   *slurred* Hey, wuz up my homiez in the house!!!

Nah, i ain't drunk. Just jokin with ya. I finally put up some fanart. some of yall have probably already seen it. Yall, comment on my damn fanart!! I like feedback, believe or not!! And for those of you complainin bout rebel flag, kiss my ass. But on a lighter note, Kai'z new years resolution is to beat TYson's ass in Beyblading, which is probably a year round ambition. lol. for those of you wonderin what the hell is about my fanfic, you can read it at fanficiton.net, if you type in Beyblade: N Generation in the search box. ANd if yal read it, please submit a review!! As i said before, i enjoy feed back. ANd for those of you on my friends list, i will be sendin you chapter 1 of my story, so there ya go. Yep. Or if you are on my mailin list, I'll mail it to ya. Okay, yall probably got to go now. Byezeez!! Squirrel

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Sunday, December 25, 2005


Oh my god, i had such a great Christmas. Man, my day was rocked. So I got:
1. One (1) great, big, huge stereo with two-hundred (200) watts of power
2. One (1) pair of pink and black gloves from Hot Topic
3. One (1) new hat with "Squirrel" embroidered on the side
4. One (1) Georgia Bulldog PJ outfit
5. One (1) Trace Adkins CD to go with the stereo
6. Another (1 other) PJ outfit
7. One (1) pair of GA Bulldog slippers
8. One (1) Super Mario Videogame
9. Two (2) pairs of toe sox
10. Twenty Five (25) US dollars
11. Six (6) bars of Hersheys choclate
12. um...i think that's it...oh hold, One (1) sapphire bracelet
13. And one (1) bath set from Bath and Body Works

I think that's it. You guys have better have had a good Christmas like I had. Well, I must now go enjoy my presents. Hey, yall PM me and tell me what yall got, k? I'd be very interested in what yall got. Yep. Bye!!!


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Saturday, December 24, 2005


Oh my god, yall that was quick. One minute you're waiting for it to come, then, POP!!! there it is. Wow. well, I made ANOTHER site for myself. It's www.xanga.com/John_Deere_Dixie_Gal. It's got the rebel flag on it and John Deere on it. Yeah. Well, yall probably have to go and open presents now. Bye!! Squirrel

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

   I have like loads of sites...it's amazin actually

Do any of yall know what a xanga site is? Well even if you don'[t i'll tell ya. A xanga site is like your own personal site. It's really awesome. If you want to see mine, these are the links. Please don't lose them if you copy them down:


If you're already a xanga memeber, then please sign the Guest Book and subscribe to it if you don't mind doing so. Remember, yall don't have to go to these sites if yall want to, only if you want to know more about me. And if anyone who doesn't have a xanga site wants one, just mail me, and I'll give you the site to make it. I guess I better let yall go now. Byezeez!!


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Friday, December 16, 2005


I hope all yall are havin a good xmas break. We had are 1st day of it today. I have like 4 xams presents under ma tree and my sister has like 8. Sux, but I might be gettin a new fourwheeler so that's like collateral. Hey, did yall know Kai's b-day is Nov. 9? Yeah, some new info for yall. I gtg. Hope all yall folks have a merry christmas!!!! Squirrel

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

   No I ain't dead!!!

Sorry folks I haven't been updating!! Just with the fanfic and the school and the shoppin and all that. Merry christmas!!! By the way. I dont know how to say it in Japanese. GTG. Please sign GB!!! Squirrel

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Sunday, December 4, 2005

   I am so happy!!!!!

The GA bulldogs won last nite, so now they go on to the sugar bowl!!!! It is so awesome!!! If you dont know what the GA Bulldogs are, it's a college football team in America (in Britian it's known as rugby)and they best LSU (Louisiana State Univ.) so they go on to beat Virginia Tech. I guess that's all I have to say, except visit my new site: www.xanga.com/Sirius_and_Kaiz_Baby okay? Bye!! Squirrel

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