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Wednesday, March 1, 2006

   hey yall...gah i'm so sleepy...

i went to bed at like 12 last nite cause i had to take a shower and i watched family guy at 11:30. um...well i hope yall had a better day then i did. mine sucked...as usual. trey has 48 hours to give ryan the rest of the note, and if he forgets again, he has less than 8 to leave the country. yeah. *yawns* god i gotta finish this report by tuesday...hey yall i'm doin that young georgia authors thing and i'm gonna enter my beyblade story, the first 8 chapters of it. i think they'll like it. i'm actually forced to take it because i'm in the spart group. i don't know how the hell i got in there but i've been there since i was in 3rd grade so i must be pretty smart. but i did get probation in 4th grade...or was it 5th? i forget...well i'm about to fall asleep right here in the closet so let me put this video up for yall.



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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

   Okay, dudes and dudettes!!! i is back from my field trip!!

Okay who wants to hear my awesome most marvelous tale of my field trip to the plays and shit? well if you don't that's just too damn bad. lol. anyway, so to start off, we rode for 2 hours on a crowded bus (well not that crowded) and we get to atlanta (finally) and turns out we were at Georgia Tech!! >< ugh!! if you don't watch americanese college football, university of georgia (UGA Bulldogs) and Georgia Tech (GT Yellow Jackets) are like the BIGGEST rivals in the SEC (South Eastern Conference), so be rest assured that when we got there, we were yellin "GEORGIA TECH SUX!!!!" and me and Trey and John Gunnels (another HUGE Georgia Bulldogs fan) and Jake were flippin everyoe at Georgia Tech off and it was SO funny. and then, when we get in the theatre, turns out we are the only county dressed up. we were so embarrased. and then it looked like cobb county had brought there whole fuckin county. good god, they took up half the theatre. so then, the plays we saw were the tell-tale heart by edgar allan poe, sleepy hollow by washington irving, the monkey's paw (that was REALLY scary!!) by w. w. jacobs, the necklace by sum french dude, and the celebrated jumping frog of calaveras county by mark twain (try and say that 5 time fast lol ^.~). they were all really good i thought. yep. if you agree that georgia tech sux, please comment! i really do appreciate comments yall. oh yeah before the show started, i asked this black kid if he like the song grillz and he looked at me like, "O.o". and speaking of grillz, hears the song!! it's called

PS comment on this too if you like this song ^^

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Sunday, February 26, 2006


dude here is the music video for "From the Inside" by linkin park!!!! wooooo!!!

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Saturday, February 25, 2006


i ain't been updatin because yet again i got grounded. no i din't get written up (luckily). i kinda cussed out my algebra teacher because he thought i wasn't doin my work and i was and he was yellin at me an shit and i told him to shut the hell up and he told me to get outside his class and to not come back so i didn't. and it's not my fault cause he usually puts our work up on the board and at least i ATTEMPTED to do my work even though i din't know exactly where it was. if yall agree that he shouldn't have yelled at me for at least trying to do my work when i don't usually do it anyway, please comment on this entry. ihave to go. i burnt my finger cookin super and now it stings like hell. and here's yall another video to watch while i'm gone!! this is called LEAN WITH IT ROCK WITH BY DEM FRANCHISE BOYS!!!! WWWOOOO!!!!

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

   Ok I am officially confoozled now

Ok ryan has gone way too far. i wrote him a note sayin some shit like "i'll back off if it'll help you decide what you want" you know and he's like "finally!" god i swear i could slap him. but he would probably hit back so... my friend autumn's like "you should slap him" and olvia said the same thing so anyway...ok yall here is one of my favorite music videos, right here!!!


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Saturday, February 18, 2006

   Eh...hey wuz up homeys...

Man i didn't get anywhere. those who i pm kow what i'm talkin about (you know, my crush). god he is SUCH a piss off!! god i try to find out why he won't talk to me and he acts like nothing's wrong!! ugh men!! god damn. sorry. i shouldn't be burdening this on yall but...see a lot of stuff has happened this week. my dad went missing for a day and half and scared the hell out of me. turn's out he was in North Carolina in the mountains somewhere. when he came back they had to put him on medication. i guess it's prozac or somthin but it's something to calm down i guess. and there's that stoopid server crash. god that pissed me off. i had planned to update a wallpaper you know and it goes and crashes. ugh. anyway in other words my week has sucked. i'm sorry yall have to share my pain but i can't do it alone. yall please pray that ryan will like me somehow!! lol ^^U well anyway, i need some more folks to takl to so yu guys that have IM on yahoo or aim or something IM me!! my im addresses are all on the site on the left. i guess i'll talk to ya later. bye!!!


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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

   It's Valentine's Day!!!

Happy V-Day yall!!! It's Cupid's Party Day!!! lol. I hope all of yall have had a good Valentine's day. mine kinda sucked. eh mine always do so don't feel bad for me. lol. well yall better skidaddle on. hey i didn't know i could spell that word lol. bye.

A Very Pissed off and Heart-Broken $quirrel

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Friday, February 3, 2006

   I got writ up again!!!!!

I bet yall is woderin how the hell I got writ up again.

1) My bus driver, Ms. Booby (her real name is Ms.Bobby but we call her ms booby to piss her off) is a bitch

2) I got my god damn CD player taken up.

3) I was yellin at this great ugly bitch to tell her to shut the fuck up (yall don't ask because yall will be horrified, shocked, and not mention disgusted)

4) Because I wouldn't get off the bus (the story behind that is that I told Ms. Booby i wanted my CD player back and she said no and i said i wanted it back and again she said no. so i said well at least let me get my headphones and she told me to get off and i said let me get my CD then she called the cops on me and i started haulin ass. I should've just taken the damn thing and run but i didn't.)

5) Ms.Booby thought i threw a great huge metal zipper at her and she said "I'm gonna write you up Kayt" and i said "write me up bitch!!!" and she writ me up.

Course I'm not new to this. lol. I guess I've talked to much. Hey yall who know sesshoumaru fluff, go to her xanga site and visit her site k? here's the site address:


and go to mine too!!! Yall can just clik the "My Site" button on my otaku site. ^^ Bye!!!


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Saturday, January 28, 2006

   Sorry guys

I haven't been updating because i got groundeded. I put up a new song if yall wanna listen to it. It's Boulevard Of Broken Dreams by Green Day. In my opinion it should be kai's theme song!! I found this awesome muzik video with kai in with that song!! here's the link:


you have to put it in just like that!! No www or anythin like that and there's no spaces either. Alright well i better go now. Talk to yall later!! Squirrel

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

   This is my last day with free teeth, yall

That's right, I'm gettin braces tommorow. Bet you can't guess what color they're gonna be. *everyone guesses the right answer* What?!?! Yall didn't just guess pink and black did you? You did? Damn. Well, i guess yall is smarter than yall look. ^_^. I look smarter than I am. If yall can figure that out. Hey, peoplez who isten to rap, do yall know how to get the muzik on to the site? Cause i want to put "My Humps" up on there ya know. And for those of you with the fancy sites, how do you get them like that? I want to know!! Like on DragonXPuppy's site, his words are fuzzy!! How the hell do you do that??? Well, while yall are figuring that out, I'll get this stoopid metal put in my mouth. I'll chat to yall homey's later. Byezeez!! Squirrel

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