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Sunday, April 23, 2006

   OMG yall don't kill me!!

i couldn't update cause my granny has this suck ass computer that keeps shutting down and shit and it pissed me off so bad i just gave it up. but anyway...here i am...like that song...here i am once again..i'm falling to peices...i forget the song...oh well. nothin much happened this weekend except we went to my granny's house and saw a bluegrass festival. it was good. we had shaved ice and everything and it was SO good...^______^ lol...and my sister beth finally read HMC, so now she knows what really happened. i think the movie was better than the book but oh well. and what else is happening...hmm...oh yeah. my daddy is teaching a class tomorrow at my school, and he'll be teaching trey and ryan...hehehe...i hope he gives ryan detention...lol. that's be so funny. damn i have to go to people's sites sometime today...i have like 200-some ought guestbook signings...and i should have more if the people's sites i did sign will have any courtesy at all. i'll sign some more later...hey yall i need new members to the KFC!! please join!! i would really appreciate it. we have one new member today, Aya Hiwatari, so yall have to go to her site so she knows she in the club. ^^ lol. and i got some new songs today:

Ridin' Dirty by Chamillionaire
Slow Motion by Juvenile
Monday Mornin Church by Alan Jackson
You Lie Here Anymore by Shelly Fairchild

those are the ones. hey if you have any kind of songs you think i should get just tell me. i'll listen to anything. except michael jackson. so don't even bother sending me an MJ song cause i won't listen to it. it's a southern thing don't worry about it. well i gotta go. my sister is sittin right here beside me watching every word i type so i can't cuss her or you or anyone else out becuase she'll decide to be a snitch and rat me out. so now i have to leave and make her a photobucket site. i'll see yall later. squirrel

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Thursday, April 20, 2006


Current Time: 8:45 pm
Current Mood: .....
Currently Listening: Hell by Disturbed

yo...um...how goes it yall? i was able to update tonight without any problems. ^^ yay isn't that awesome?? lol...thanx to those that commented last nite. please keep it up. ok yall to get right down to business i'm kinda pissed. see what i do everyday i get me and five friends drinks for field day right? well last year i got some for me, taylor, trey, adam, greg, and ryan. well i think i'm still giving both taylor and trey one, taylor wants a Dr. Pepper, Trey wants a Root Beer, and this year i'm giving one to steven and glenn. i asked ryan what he wants, and of course, i get a "i don't want anything". well you know what? i am getting him wether he likes it or not. i'll get him a powerade or something and not the good red or blue kind either i'll get him that icky yellow kind. XP i never could drink that flavor. and if he still don't want it then he'll have to pay me back however much i bought it for. hmph. i really shouldn't be giving him one but since i'm such a nice person i will....he really doesn't deserve it that bastard...gah...never mind yall. yall wouldn't be interested in the stuff i'm going through. but oh well i'll tell you anyway. ^^ i'm cool like that. lol ^^ well we took the science test today and it was so easy, but there was stuff on there we hadn't learned so we had to guess a lot. yep. and tomorrow is the last THANK GOD!!!! but we don't get treats no more...like we did when we were testing...nope. well i have finally gotten to chapter 22 of harry potter and the half blood prince, and it's the 3rd time i've read it, so i'm learning new things in it now. yup. i'd tell you what part i'm at but i don't want to spoil the surprise for yall!! but the book is real good. and me and my sis and my daddy are going farther into the dirty south to go to a bluegrass festival, and my other sisters and my granny are going with us. mhm. so i had to move my daddy's truck so we could put the van there and put the back seat in. and archery practice went real well...i finally got the arrow in the middle bullseye!! yay!! lol i've done it before but not on the first practice run of the day. and when it comes summer time i probably won't be able to update as often becuase i'll have summer weight training for softball and i'll have to spend 3 hours in the weight room and one more hour running up and down the bleachers at the gym so yeah. and i have to do this everyday except Saturdays and Sundays. i think i'll be tone by then. ^^ lol. i think i've dawdled to long here. yall please comment and i promise i'll update on time tomorrow!!! byezers!! squirrel

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

   the party...HAS ARRIVED!! no no no, hold your applause ^^

sorry about yesterday. i was writing my next post for this site and then my daddy had to go to guitar practice and i wanted to go with him so i didn't get to finish. so yeah. well my LA test went ok. it was easy. and then we had math today. much easier than i expected it to be. it was over pre-algebra, so it wasn't anything with para-blah-blahs or whatever the hell there called. and i think the hardest one on there was the last one, and i forget the question for that one. -______-' sometimes i forget what i eat for breakfast. OMG for snack today i had some Bugels. ^^ and i meant to take my Grape gatorade with me but i forgot cuz it was in the freezer. eh oh well. and then tomorrow i'm taking M&M's and i will remember my Gatorade. yup. ^^ and i didn't see ryan at all today so i'm happy. ^-^ but trey wasn't there either so i was kinda bored T__T but steven was there so i had someone to talk to. yep. and omg yesterday the schedule was flip so that while we were outside in mrs. ober's class curch's class was still inside so while me and autumn and jennifer were outside going to go get drinks, and i banged on the door of curch's trailor. ^O^ lol it was so hilarious. and then i go to go inside after i knocked and my ex patrick goes "kaytlyn yeary!!" (that's not what you call me, that's my REAL firstname -_____-'') so yeah curch got mad at me and i was about to tell him to go to hell but i really didn't feel like getting suspended. ^________^ that's happened way too often. OMG!!!!!!!! i just remembered!! we were outside and just out of a stroke of random randomness mrs. ober comes to me and says "guess what squirrel? they sent us back to scores for the writing test and you made the highest score in the eighth grade!!" and i was like "O.O" yeah you bet i was. last year i made a 350 out of 400 and i wasn't the highest (i was in the middle i guess) and so i guess i must have scored pretty high. i forget what the hell i was writing about...eh oh well. well guess what? it's that time again where i must end my post. i know i know, it's a sad thing but we all must leave this world eventually...oO oops did i say that? lol well i love all yall!! talk to yall tomorrow or the next day or whenever!!


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Monday, April 17, 2006

   yo wud up all you dawgs!! lol i didn't call you a bitch or anything it's just somethin i call folks

sorry i just don't need anyone cussin me out right now cause like i'm PMSin so bad it ain't even funny. omg i almost cussed trey out just cause he lied about how he was going to be outside when he wasn't!! it wasn't even his fault they didn't go outside...i feel bad now...oh well. it'll pass. we had our first CRCT test today, the Reading Part, and that was kinda easy actually. all we had to do was read these passages and stuff and answer the questions and everything. yep. and tomorrow we do the Language Arts part, the language, grammar, spelling, and all that other shit i can't do-part. and then we have math on wednesday (omg i'm gonna fail that if it's on something like para-blah-blahs or some shit like that), and then science (will ace, ^_~) and then social studies. we didn't do any work in any of the classes either. we went outside in 5th period and in 6th we watched "Night of the Twisters" and in 8th we went outside. yay!! lol we had fun. and then hopefully i can finish HP 6 again by the end of this week. it's my third time reading it and it's taking longer than i thought it would. maybe becuase i fell asleep during the last part of the test. 0o dont' know about that. and then OMG this one bitch ass whore asked me if i was a lesbian and i was like "????? what the hell i just broke up with my boyfriend and you ask me if i'm a lesbian???? damn that bitch is a dumbass. she don't need to be fuckin talking though she's straight as a circle i'll tell you that. and autumn and her are friends and autumn was like "sarah asked you that?!?!? omg!!" and she went to go talk to sara so there we go. she's lucky i didn't talk to her or her ass wouldn't have been cussed out goddamn. ooh i hate that. dammit now i'm PMSin again. damn damn damn damn DAMN THIS WAR!!! >>>>>><<<<<<********** gah. sorry yall. here i'll take it out on roruni kenshin.
Image hosting by Photobucket
ok there we go. ^^ lol well i'll see yall later. squirrel

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

   Happy Easter!!

hey yall!! yall better be having a happy easter cause i am!! ^______________^ i got to go to my cousin's house and i got to play with lee!! she's so cute!! mhm but she ways a bunch. she's only 7 months old and she ways what? 25 pounds i guess. but she's so much fun!! she's probably gonna be blonde and blue eyed when she gets older. her eyes are icey blue and she's always like O.O like staring at everyone and it's hilarious. i was gonna sing to her and my momma goes "sing to her kayt and no rap" and i was like *raises eyebrow* ok. we had ham and green bean casserole (my mom made me get it but i didn't eat it XP)and million dollar desert. that shit's good. it has pie crust then nuts then cream cheese then PURE UNADULTERATED chocolate!! then it had cool whip and more nuts. ^^ doesn't it make your mouth water?? and then when we got home we had red velvet cake and stuff. yum yum yum. :D loved it. we didn't really go egg hunting becuase the only person there that was younger than 10 was lee. so that's why. plus we do that at my granny's house and we didn't go to her house this year. and OMG yall we have CRCT tomorrow!! if we don't pass then we don't go on to highschool. i'm not really that worried about it but it might be harder than before. *shrugs* but like i said i'm not worried. mhm. *nods wisely* well yall i love yall very much and i hope all of yall have a very happy easter!! thanx for reading!!

PS ryan, if your on this damn site and you read my stuff, you broke my heart you bastard. *flips you off*

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

   yall this song is so sad...

its called "like we never loved at all" and it's really starting to apply with me and ryan...he barely notices me anymore...and he never cries!! omg...here are the lyrics:

You never looked so good
As you did last night
Underneath those city lights
There walking with your friend
Laughing at the moon
I swear you looked right through me
But i'm still living with your goodbye
And you're just going on with your life

How can you just walk on by
Without one tear in your eye
Don't you have the slightest feelings left for me
Maybe that's just your way
Of dealing with the pain
Forgetting everything between our rise and fall
Like we never loved at all

You, i hear you're doing fine
Seems like you're doing well
As far as i can tell
Time is leaving us behind
Another week has passed
And still i haven't laughed yet
So tell me what your secret is
I wanna know, i wanna know
To letting go like you did, like you did

Did you forget the magic
Did you forget the passion
Did you ever miss me
Ever long to kiss me

You, you never looked so good

yeah so those are the lyrics. mhm. hey if yall come to my site and are a friend of mine and you want me to put your button on my site, tell me and i'll come to your site and get it. or you can pm me the tag or link or whatever. i'll do whatever. mhm. and thanx to those that do come. mhm. thank you thank you thank you. and i finally got to 4,000 downloads the other day. oh that reminds me i have to submit my wallpapers...kathy got me caught up in her site and everything that i forgot to. and yall go to her site too, it's Poke` Gal Lisa, and don't forget the accent, it's very important. and today we went to see Scary Movie 4, and that was funny as hell and stoopid as shit at the same time. it spoofed on War of the Worlds, the Grudge, Saw, the Village, and Million Dollar Baby. it was hilarious. more than the other ones. hehehehehe. yep. well i wish everyone a happy easter. i tried to make a beyblade easter card but those crack head fags in the approval room of the otaku didn't approve it. oh well. happy easter!! squirrel

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Friday, April 14, 2006

   OMG yall i'm sorry!!

my momma band me from the computer for 2 days and i meant to get on at the madison county library after archery practice yesterday but it seems everyone is at the library at 7:00 in the evening. and i got my FIRST library card!! yay!! lol i actually had to be able to write my name on it...kinda hard but i managed. mhm. we had a pep rally today and i won 5 DOLLARS!!! WOOT WOOT!! lol and Jeremiah got a pie in his face and so did coach mccarty and that was hilarious. lmfao...and we crct testing next week UGH i hate those!! they piss me off so bad cause you can't talk at all for 2 hours everyday for one week!! god it drives me insane...i cannot wait till this year is over. i mean, between all the insane stuff that's happened to me and everything. you know? like ryan all of sudden hating my guts and never wanting to speak to me again and then having the worst and most michael jackson like algebra teacher EVER...can't stand this...eh anyway...yall know that book "Wizard of Earthsea"? it's being made into a movie. i tried to read that book but the letters were too small and there too many pages. mhm. damn glenn he didn't put any songs i know on this damn cd. just some old stuff...oh wait that's Green Day and AC/DC...never mind. ^-^ lol i didn't know what it was at first. gah lol. anyway thanx for commenting while i was gone. i hope to see yall around sometime. squirrel

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

   goddamn this computers a crack head!!!!

i am so close to cussin my computer out. i was just talking to dogg and tashi and then BAM it logged me out and my interent quit working and it's really REALLY starting to piss me off. i hope it's not another virus cause i am NOT about to get all them other pics back. and i just realized something. my beyblade story was on my computer with the viruses, so now, I dont have chapters 15-20 and everyone who reads my story on fanfiction.net are going to be pissed off at me. oooh these stoopid computers. see if they use all this technology to keep computers up to date with the century and being able to talk to someone on the other side of the world, why the hell can't they make it where they won't mess up!?! ugh that makes me mad. and OMG ryan got the most gayest hair cut EVER. it makes him look worse. hmph. i hope he never gets another girlfriend ever again. XP yeah well...anyway i got a pic to show yall. it's a picture of me. i know i look ugly but don't be hatin me becuase of it.

Image hosting by Photobucket

i hate my picture. my glasses are crooked and i keep tellin my parents i need them fixed (wallball is a dangerous sport, both for people and the glasses on the people) and i wish they would have taken the pic when i had my wires. ugh. i hate it. hate it hate it hate it. well i guess that's all i have to talk about today. i wish yall the best, and please keep commenting and everything. i love you guys!! ^3^ lol talk to ya later. squirrel

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Monday, April 10, 2006

   yay!! thank you witch hunter fan!!!

look at what hunter fan did yall!! *everyone looks at site* ooh aah right?! i love it. and at the top she added my menu of buttons to the top too. and yall if yall are a member of KFC (Kai's Fan Club) i'm going to be PMing you the button for your membership. ok? and if it's ok please please PLEASE put it on your site!! i would really appriciate it becuase if i go to someone's site i want to know they are a member without having to look at the list. yup. well sometime tonight or tomorrow nite i'm going to scan the pic of ryan and put it on here so yall know which ugly ass bastard to kill. mhm. and if you don't want to kill him but instead torture him with dull knives and guillotines and blunts axes and those coffins with the spikes in them, then go right ahead. ^_____________^ i'd do it myself but my knife, guillotine, and ax duller is broken, plus, i'm too damn lazy too. lol. and thanx again witch hunter fan!! i love the layout now!! well i hope yall like it too. i'll add some pics on here for yall to look at. yup. well i love yall and i thank each and everyone of yall that come!! squirrel

Image hosting by Photobucket
the official KFC member button

Image hosting by Photobucket
Inuyasha as a baby!! isn't he cute?

Image hosting by Photobucket
and the most awesomest avatar EVER!! it's my baby cliff ^_______^

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Sunday, April 9, 2006

   what is my mood?

Current Time: 1:37 pm
Current Mood: ???????
Currently Listening: Easier to Run by Linkin Park

hello. i'm feeling just a little bit...numb i guess. oh wait!!! i just remembered!! my momma and papaw went to Borders(it's a book store like Barnes&Noble) and Beyblade: Vol. 10 was there!! lol i really wanted it becuase they've now started 3rd season in the manga. yep. and i just found out that in the manga, we actually got to me Daichi's momma, and they told us the names of Daichi's parents, Daigoro and Rinko Sumeragi. yep and it turns out that the reason Ian was never in 3rd season was becuase Kai beat him in Russia so he didn't get to go on. and it turns out that Rick didn't actually live in New York. nope. no kidding. he worked on a ranch with his dad. and it turns out that Kai did actually battle Tyson before the end of the tournament. and it's like really weird and stuff. daichi got in the way right when Kai was about to take Tyson out and it pissed kai off real bad. and it turns out that Daichi's dad, Daigoro, and Max's dad were childhood friends so that's how they know each other. yep. well i think this is the end of my post for today. so here's some pics. feel free to use them as avatars if you like. ^_________________^

Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

talk to yall later!!! squirrel

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