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Welcome to my guestbook. Please be polite and constructive when you sign this. Be warned that it is strictly against myOtaku.com's policy to sign guestbooks for the sole purpose of promoting your own site.

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DeathT-2 (06/18/06)

Yo! Thanks for stoppin' by! Yeah, yaoi and shonen-ai are peevs of mine... As you can tell. I'll be adding you to my list as well, thanks!

Angel Zakuro (06/18/06)

Hey, thanks for signing my gb!! ^^ Your site is really cool, too! Yay for beyblade! ^^ Come by my site some mroe if you want!

tiggerola (06/17/06)

Thanks for signing my gb ^^ You caught me on a good day where the first time in 6 months I can reply to everyone who has signed my gb! lol You seem pretty cool yourself! With the piggy avi (I mean, how many of those do we get to see on here right?) the Hot pink and black combo, and you don't do yaoi/yuri etc! You rock!

If you need help in your search for the meaning of life (I'm reading your profile) I can help out, just send me a PM!

Voldemort...voldemort...now why does that name sound familiar? The bad guy off of Voltron? no...um... *light bulb* oh yeah, Harry Potter ^^; can't believe that just skipped my mind!

So are you writting a sequel series for Bayblade w/ your fanfic? I'm not familiar w/ Beyblade, but I'm undergoing the same project for YYH so more power to us!

Mai711 (06/17/06)

ummm thanx 4 coming 2 the site
and signing mai GB. i keep buttons there coz i dont want em newhere else
so yea,and ummm weird avie haha
OMG!we hab the same birthday heh

phantomkittycat (06/17/06)

Thanks for signing my guestbook! The guy with the teeth will haunt me in my dreams. Have a good...er...afternoon!

hollow eyes (06/17/06)

thanks for signing my gb and visiting my site!!!! I love howls moving castle!!!!!!!! it's Kewl if you add me and I really think your sites awesome!!! ahhhhh, and your pet fish Calcifer!!! the fire demon... Nice choice in name!!!!!!! I hope to see ya around!!!!!!!

By: hollow eyes... Hollow eyes, who's dark deep inside and shows her pain on the outside, with tears and sadness coming from her eyes!!!

Sakabato Samurai (06/17/06)

i want to start by saying: YOUR AVI IS REALLY FREAKY!! ok, now that that's out of the way...i totally agree with your anti-yaoi/yuri/doujinshi attitude!its jsut not ok. anywho, thanks for signing my gb. now im returning the favor. FMP is great, you should really check it out. but beware the "fanservice" episode and the "Full monty virus" apisode. could get you in trouble. but they are still hilarious! just so you know, there are 3 different series/seasons. there is the original Full metal panic, which i think is the most well rounded, then there is FMP? Fumoffu. thats frickin hilarious! all comedy, and a little romance. then theres FMP! tyhe second raid. its only available in japanese and is really intense with the mecha action! NOW GO WATCH THERM!

my one rule, i'll comment if you do. so thats all! latr!

GeorgieEviHarri (06/17/06)

Hullo! Thank you muchly for signing my guestbook ^_^ Haha I see a BeyBlade fan! I like Beyblade but they stopped showing it over here! *grumbles at Toonami*

Haha anyway, yep I am the One Piece Obsessive ^_^ not the 4kids version though, Id punch the company manager in the face if I could! Anyway Il add you as a friend too ^_^ Hope we can be good friends!

MidnightKittyHugs (06/17/06)

thankies for signing my gb wow that is awesome we should find someone with a b-day on the 5th and we could be the 3 otakuteers! lol well anyways i love your site its really cool! question: how do you do the pop up thingy when you first go to your site its cool O_O well anyways i added you and i hope you have a wonderfulishessness day! ^^
ta ta for now

number1edfan (06/17/06)

Thanks so much for signing my guestbook!! ^_^ I LOVE your background! As I was waiting for the site to load I was practically drooling just staring at Kai...*_* Lol...well, IM me sometime on aim (I'm iluvedwardelric). See ya!

--Tina/Greed the homunculus

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