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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Back. -Remember
Well, Im back from Church Camp, I forgot to tell you all I was leaving. Sorry, but I had so much fun, I met new people, and it really seriously brought me closer to God. Im just so excited over it. Also, My Boyfriend was there with me, so you know I had fun-lol. There were alot of couples there. I painted this woman's house with the people in my group, played some games, went to Devotion every morning, and worship every night. It was just so much fun to me, and everyone from our Church had fun, I could tell.

Remember my last post? Well if you didn't, it's right under this one(Duh-lol) But yeah I got an account on the site Tokyopop, and I like it. Thanks for the suggstions and if anyone wants to checkme out on tokyopop or has an account, my name on there is KayChristiananimelover. Yeah it's long but it tells about me in 4 words.

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