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Saturday, February 3, 2007


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Hey everybody!! Hope u like my new theme Sakura Haruno!!! How r all of u guys!! I'm doing pretty good!! Very hyper right now!!! ME NEED SOME SUGAR!!! OR CANDY!!! LOL!!! Well today my friends jessica and Cierra are going to come over and were going to party!!!! lol!!! AND GET HYPER AND STUFF LIKE THAT!! My friend kimberly (best friend forever) might come over too!! It's going to be fun and later we might go see a movie!! Me WANT TO SEE A MOVIE LOL!! Well u can tell i'm very hyper right now!! Oh also yesterday my so called friend said she caused me out which she just said 2 cause words and said i was bitchy which she was!! uhh that girl needs to stop telling lies!! Well besides that my crush was flirting with me so that made my day!! lol!!! Well i also i'm going to chill at home with my homies and my family lol! Oh also it's Edward Elic's birthday today so Happy b-day Ed u sexy little midgit!!! lol!! Well i think we should throw a party for him **balloons fly out** YAY!!! **Me dances around** Well heres some pics:
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Aww cute!!
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This is so my sister right here!!
Well i'll c u guys later!! I'll try to get to everyones site today!! Byes byes!!
1.Do u like v-day?
2.What should be my next theme?
3.Ichigo or Kyo
4.What song do u like a lot right now?
5.Can anyone give me a new blog code?

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