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Sunday, October 8, 2006

   ACK I caught another freaking cold -.-
Hey guys what's up today? sorry I didn't post yesterday....I'm sick still..so I was suffereing the whole time...X_X but hey atleast I didn't dissaper again =P

Well no that I'm back i bearly have anythig to talk about except the fact the MU people didn't give the job to me they gave it to some other guy (I DESERVED IT MORE T_T) But hey we can't always get what we want so I guess my time will come soon ^_^ so guys how have you all been today? great I hope ^_^ atleast you don't have the flu like i do again *eyes his cup of thrarflu* ehh.....I have a tennis game on tuesday against my old school Irvin...oh I forget to mention i moved so yeah...lol they arn't going to be to happy to see me i guess...=/


I found some of my old stuff yesterday in my room like my old gameboy pocket...to have something that acient is a blessing ^_^

Since today is the 8th of october it marks the period of 10 DAYS TILL MY B-DAY ^_________^ YEsSSS my parents said they are going to buy me a new laptop to replace my old one so I'm happy.


Have you ever questioned something you read in a book like "how did they do this..and why" "Will this change our future??" but anywho my parents pointed out an intersting thing to me today they said keep your friends close but your enimes closer....so yeah..they made me more paronoid T_T

Well that's all 4 2day!

Love you all!

The kid who has a habit of dissappearing and then forgetting where he is...and the host with the most its KAGOMEANDSANGOFAN!!

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