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Friday, October 6, 2006

I'm doing my best!!
I guess my theme didn't quite make me go "ah-ha" So I decided to change it (AGAIN X3) I'm doing my best to get to all your sites but if i don't get to them today I'll still comment them later tommrrow or tonight so plz don't send me hate mail...its full alrady T_T


Well I'm playing Muonline today for awhile but there was something funny that hapned to me I have a lvl 318 Dark Knight (Blade Knight now but anyway) and I decided to walk around with out my armor for a bit since its Great Dragon +12+12 (its really shiny and its has REALLY good defense)
so someone illed me and thought I was Noob (T_T how tragic) so I decided to get revenge and pk him back when I tried (I had my armor and wings and stuff and I only did 12 damage to him T_T he then hit me and killed me in one hit (TTTT_TTTT)
I later found out he was 53 lvls higher than I was =P tragic huh??

I had a tennis game against Clint High school and my doubles match I didn't do so well I won but we had to go to tie breaker though..but in my singles match I DOMINATED!! I guess its the fact that sometims I have to epend on the other person so much that it messes up my game sometimes T_T

Well laters all!!

P.S. I started reading a manga called "The Prince Of Tennis now thx to the suggestion of a certian someone ^_^

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