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Thursday, October 5, 2006

   I have returned...ONCE AGAIN!!! ^_^
Wow its been months since I've last got on this site Ah How I missed you all!! Wonder if I was missed...seeing as i vanished for like MONTHS..well heres the reason why I vanished for long I got into playing this game called MU Online its awesome!! If you like MMORPGs (Massive Mutiplayer Online Role Playing Games) You'll love this one!

MU Online

Well I'll update you all on how I have been thus far: Well of course I'm still in tennis I have gotten better over the summer of playing I'm currently on the varsity team as the NO.6 boy I have only lost once and won 5 games so far ^_^

2) I said this earlier I'm currently playing MU online and I hope you all consider joining! its free unlees you want the extra things then its like 7 dollars for 30 hours of gameplay but anywho that's what's got me in a trance right now ^_^

3) I'm making my own music YAY

4) I am trying to becom part of the MU Online admin seeing as I help them most of the time anyway XDDD.

5) I missed you all T_T I feel all bad for not getting on in ages now it haunts me for life T_T but I will try my best to be on as much as possible now, so please bare with me ^_^ I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

6) Here's a funny comic I found on the internet :P


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