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Sunday, August 13, 2006

   Yeah Yeah...theme change XD computer problems occuring..

Well its been 2 days...*counts* 1....2..hmmmm...*shrugs*

Anywho..my computer has been acting up a lot lately...giving me back talk and staying up late really got to me...XD

Ok I'm being serious now..my computer had a huge memory wipe and I had to retrive mos of the files MANUALY X_X then my mom called those Geek Squad people to finish the job I did all that I could but eh....so many numbers and stuff...X_X

Anywho...Well its late So I'm not posting the story until tommrrow..sorry if I didn't get to anysites tonight...my brain hurts...my eyes blood red...and I'm falling asleep at the comp-*falls out*

-5 hours later-

*yawn* what happned? Hmm..oh yeah..I also got my favorite song on the site now..(if you haven't herd it yet or your computer just doesn't make sounds then sorry) This is called "For An Angel" By Paul Van Dyk...some may have herd of them some of you may not have herd of him..but none-the-less it goes with my sites theme ^_^

Well...besides the fact I beat KOTOR on the darkside in less than 2 days my day has been great...but I will be up later on in the afternoon and get to everyones site and comment..but for now..my brain is telling my hands to stop typing and close my eyes yet I defy it and continue anyway..O yeah and the answers to that one math problem looks like this:

There was 2 ways of solving it!!



Ah nothing like an early Algabra problem to keep the mind fresh XD


1) Have you ever been in a situation where you just wish you could just dissappear?

2) If so what exactly happned?


1) What would you do if your someone you know and trusted suddenly betrayed you when you need him/her most?

Well I'm off..before my head explodes XD


The kid who shouts hentai in the streets of Japan and is a pro Drift Racer...Its got to be the host with the most...Kagomeandsangofan!!

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Wednesday, August 9, 2006

   I HAVE A SITE TRANSITION THINGY!! YAY!!! and heres a part to the story!

Yep whenever you exit my site it does a kool thing (other than the pop-up XD) took me forever to find the blasted code to XD

Anywho..heres is a part of the story hope you like it ^_^

-When we last left..our agents were still on their way to Japan...needless to say Josh has already messed a few things up...but that's just how he is XD XD XD *ahem* (Looks at his script)Hmmmm....as their plane gets closer the danger rises as they have already got the attention of the gang...DUN DUN DUUUUN!!!!-

Cammy: *still hugging onto Josh arm*

Josh: *just recovering from the assult from Tira*

Pilot over the intercom: This is your captian speaking...were going to be making our decent into Kyoto Japan in just a few moments..so sit back and enjoy the remanider of your flight!

Josh: FINALLY!! *tries to pry his arm free of Cammy's grip* Hmm....*pulls out a crobar and tries again,it breaks*....T_T

(At the secret Golden snake hideout)

Female: S-S-Sir we have reports that the flight carrying the CIA agents is making its decent....

Male: Ah good..Mira..make sure to send them a little welcoming gift to show how much we care..

Mira: Y-Y-Yes sir *she exits the room*

(back at the plane)

Josh: *still trying to pry his arm free*

Narrator: Josh...give it up she won't let go...

Josh: Says who?

Narrator: Well look at the script!!

Josh: Theres a script??

Narrator: ,,,,..ummm I left my apartment on fire...>>

Josh: hey wa- left his apartment on fire what the....-_-

Announcer: What's going on here??

Josh: Since when was there a script??

Tira: Hey whats the announcer doing here?? *pops her knuckles*

Announcer: *sees Tira, goes and hides in the dark cornor of the room*

Tira: >> servs you right o_O


Tira: *pulls out a giant sized mallet and hits josh over the head with it* There was no script...>> or so I thought...hmm o well..
(Ohhhhh sidstory!!end sidestory)

-Eventuly Josh gets his arm free-

Josh: Finally...*pulls out a cell phone and begins dailing a number*

Tira: *hits the phone out of Josh;s hand* R U INSANE..you never make a phone call when the plane is flying..its causes it to crash...

Josh: Calm down..its in airplane mode...so its safe..*picks up the phone and begins dailing again*

(on the ground)

Man #1: Hey is that there the plane were supposed to shoot down??

Mira: Yeah I belive so...

Man #1: Cause if we shoot down antoher emtpy cargo plane...I'm quiting...*points to a wreckage of 4 cargo planes*


Vash: Yeah yeah yeah..don't get your stockings in a knot...*pulls out a Rocket launcher and fires it*

(on the plane)

Josh: Gimmie my blasted phone Tira!!

Tira: You can't make a phone call on a plane havent you heard the stories??

Josh:..no now hand it over...or should I just yell out what you sing in the shower??

Tira: You wouldn't dare...wait how did you know I sing in the shower??

Josh: I'm surprised I'm the only one that heard it...o wait there was the time WITH THE HOTEL MANAGER AND THE COMPLAINTS!!!

Tira: Fine....but don't say I didn't warn you..

Josh: *Presses the send button* See no-BOOM!!-

Tira: SEE JOSH....

-The plane begins to spirl out of control-

*Tira and Cammy both cling to Josh*

Tira: Josh when we die...I'm gunning for you in the afterlife!!

Josh: *clung to* >>..well this is bad...I WANT MY EARLY RETIRMENT!! T_T

-The plane crashes in a clearing-

Vash: Ha..piece of pie!!

Mira: Its cake...."Piece of cake"

Vash: Whatever..lets just get out of here before we attract any attention...and I want my payment NOW!!

Mira: So demanding...*hands Vash a silver suitcase* now come on before Sakura yells at us agin for being late...and we have to telll the "Boss" we took care of his problem..

NOTE: I don't think my writers block wore off..It seems I didn't do a god job this time...
Blast...I think I REALLY messed up this time...curse you writer's block...well anywho
I hope you all enjoyed the story..wasn't much I suppose...T_T but I guess this case of writers block is worse than I thought....

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Tuesday, August 8, 2006

   What do you think?!? New site changes ^_^

Well after some thought I decided to undergo some site changes May not be much but I did my best ^_^

Anywho how are you all doing? Hope the new site changes arn't giving your browsers any problems..it gave mine a few problems but I settled them ^_^

Well I'm playing KOTOR again this time I'm going to beat the game on the dark side instead of the light side (then I unlock alternate diolauge YAYA XD) Well it took me 4 days to beat the game the first time..but since I know this game like the back of my hand....*looks at his hand*...hmmm that's new..when did that get there..anywho XD

I have my fourm working agin..not much on there..but when I get the latest news I'll post and inform you all ^_^


YAY I'll have ths story posted by tommrrow if not the day after..I just had to get this on part to perfection...took awhile but I did my best and I have no regrets!


I'm planing to update my HTML helper site today!! I'm adding a post style code, a code on how to get the navi bar to dissappear, hyperlink codes and a few others you'll all see when you get there ^_^


1) Has there ever been a time where you yourself would gladly do anything to go back in time and change something??

2) If so..what would you change and why would you change it?


HA time to put math skills to the test!!

Fill in the missing operations...
*HINT:There are two ways of doing this..take your time..*

(6 _ 2) _ 8 _ 9 _ 1 = 13

What goes in the first blank?

The second blank?

The third blank?

The fourth blank?

You'll get the answers tommrrow!!


Trust me that math problem is somethin I spent 1 hour trying to figure out..but have fun figuring it out ^_^

Well that's it for me..got to vacum the house (Grrrr) but I'll be back later to visit all the sites I can ^_^


The kid who shouts hentai in the streets of japan and laughs about it must be josh-san and friends!!

Question: Did I use "san" in the right contex if not please correct me..XD

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Monday, August 7, 2006

   600 HITS OMG *dies from excitment*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

As you saw in the pcture above I got 600 hits well 605 but that's beside the point XD *jumps up and down from joy* Yes..sadly I have no idea what rank I am anymore..but no matter I'm just glad I have such good friends who keep visiting ^_^

Heres one featuring Kyo o_O
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Well its not my fault your getting beat up by a mouse....or is it *shifty eyes* (cough)

Anywho..how are all you doing? Well I'm doing great..unlocked so more stuff on NFSU (need 4 speed underground) and beat KOTOR(that star wars game) WEll...I got another Idea for the next season..but I need to get this season done XD (talk about thinking ahead XD) but is all coming back to me..well..I'm doing my best to get to all my friends sites today..but its easier for those who visit and i just visit the ones who comented but still I'm trying XD (yells at the huge kitchen and pile of dishs he has to clean) Well that it for this post ^_^ LATERS!!!


The kid who yelss hentai in the streets of japan and laughs about it must be josh and CO. XD

P.S. Join the dark side we have oreos and milk...o_O

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Sunday, August 6, 2006

   Freaking thunder storm severed my internet connection!!!

Due to the recent thunder storms over the past week...i have not been able to access the internet until now...YAY but for those who were wondering what happned to me...I was cowering in the dark cornor of my room with no way of getting online...and the flood caused EVEN more problems...I had to dig a freaking trench around our back yard door to kepp the water contained...I spent a good 3 hours in the rain keeping the house from flooding...X_X but hey its good to get rain in the desert...problem is..that rain caused more damage than I could do in a year...due to the flooding...few pets and stray animals either turned up missing or dead....that was the downside to the rain...I lost my dog to the rain..anywho..before I get you all depressed..we found some of the missing pets including a cat that survived a drainage ditch surprised how a cat would come to terms with water...


I'm still trying to overcome my bloody writters block..*pummels microsoft word* no ideas have come to mind..or come in dreams...I guess my creative imagination has come to a sudden halt...BLAST!! Never-the-less I have fans to please and I'll do all I can to get the next part posted..even if it takes FOREVER!! *echoes*
<< what the crap...who decided to do the echo effect...>>..any..who..<< well not much since the storms have passed except I saw lighting strick a nearby tree...IT WAS SO AWESOME many sparks flew in the air and then there was a small fire..but the rain kept it contained..YAY rain!


Hmm...due to technal errors and other things I'm going to have to close my boards down for the time being...a post got spiked and is causing problems..So I have my work cut out for me..well I'll let you all go...UNTIL NEXT TIME!!


The kid who shouts hentai in the streets of Japan and laughs about it..it has to be none other than Josh & CO.!!!

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

   NOTICE....Paradoxs..are evil..and confusing..X_X

Well its been awhile since I've been on the internet...since the T-Stomrs came through..but I'm back and I'm glad I am too ^_^ I didn't post the story toay because it seems I'm having some more writers block...AGAIN T_T curses...>>

But anywho..I am playing a game I haven't played in ages called Star Wars Knights of the old Republic: The sith lords....yeah call me crazy but I love the game nothing to pass the time like a few hours on KOTOR (kinghts of the old republic)

But anyway..I have come acroos a few Paradoxs..in other words a paradox is a statement or proposition that contradicts itself for those who didn't know..here are a few examples of a paradox

1) This statment is false. (that one had me for a second)

2) In order to have power you must have an army-in order to have an army you must have power. (so confusing to me)

3) If sentence A is true, then B is false, and if B is false then A must also be false. But if sentence A is false, then B must be true, and if B is true, then A must be true. (Good luck with this one...X_X my brain still hurts from trying to understand it)

Well...hopefully you got some of them..for I got only one of them and actuly was able to word out to make some sense..

So what's been up guys? How's everything? Hope your doing great!

Well I'm off to visit all my friends sites TTYL ^_^

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

   Well I'm back(been about 2 days since I got back) BUT still I'm back here is another part to the story..

Well folks I back from my vacation had lots of fun Utah is AWESOME!! Went to Flaming Gorge(Typo??) and went rafting..I even fell out of the raft XD The water there is FREAKING COLD!! XD But its good to be back and now I must get to all your sites today ^_^ So I will do my best!

Here is another part to the story...

Tira: Still it would help if we had a day off...just one..day..*piling her suitcases on Josh*

Josh: *crushed by the imense weight* Tira...why do you pack so much....X_X

Tira: You never know when I might need a quick change of cloths..plus I have cloths for every occasion ^_^

Female: You must be Josh and Tira...wonder when you'd get here...

Tira: *looks at the female* And just who are you?

Female: Oh sorry allo me to introduce myself..I'm Cammy...your personal assistiant assigned to you both...I will do as told *she smiles*

Josh: Cammy...can you help me with these suitcases?? X_X

(Cammy grabs all 6 suitcases and lift them over her head)

Josh: WHAT IN THE.....how on earth...

Cammy: Oh this...I'm just a bio enchanced human..something the government worked on for 3 years...I was orignaly ment to be a hired killer but...I made up my own mind *she smiles as she begins carrying the suitcases to the plane*

Josh: Why can't I be bio enchanced...some people get all the luck..

Tira: Josh..knowing you...your brain needs to be enchanced >.>

Josh: I dispise you...-_-

Tira: I know isn't it wonderful?!?

Josh: >_> and you say I'm an airhead.._-_

(as they bored the plane Tira notices Cammy pulling out an injection gun and a bottle with a blue liquid in it)

Tira: Hey Cammy..whats with the stuff there?

Cammy:....nothing..just something I have to take...*she sticks the needle in her arm and injects the fluid*....

Tira:....doesn't that hurt?

Cammy: I'm acustomed to pain..*she takes her seat in the back of the plane*

Tira: *shurgs,she sits next to Josh who is asleep*

(Tira pokes josh in his sleep)

Josh: *stirs a bit then drops his PDA*

Tira: *picks up the PDA and turns it on* Wonder what he was doing...*she acceses the messages*..."Dear Urd, I was wondering when I do get back from this mission just asking if you'd like to go to dinner sometime..o_O" What the heck...hes asking her out?!?! >_>

Josh: *wakes up* Hey are we there yet?

Tira: *she stands up and thorws Josh's PDA into his lap* NO...*she moves to another seat*

Josh: Something I said?

Captain: This is your captain speaking we are now preparing for take off..please fasten your seat belts etc etc..and enjoy the ride

(Cammy sits next to Josh)

Cammy: Hey Josh...what's up with Tira? She seemed angry after she turned on you PDA..

Josh:..O god...she read my mail...she's..umm...jelious?

Cammy: *puts her hand on Josh's* Josh you have a lot to learn...Tira..she likes you..more then a friend...you need to ask HER out..and not the head of the CIA..*she smiles and the plane begins its accent into the sky*

(a few minutes after take off Cammy nudges Josh)

Cammy: Go talk to her..look she looks lonely..go cheer her up..

Josh: But its so far away...and I'm trying to get some rest before we land..T_T

Cammy: *her eyes turn dark and she grabs his collar* Your..GOING to talk to her..or so help me god...*pops her neck*

Josh: I'm going I'm going!! o_O *gets up and begins making his way over to Tira*

Cammy: *she smiles at him* Good luck josh ^_^

(Josh sits next to Tira)

Josh:..Hello Tira..you look upset..something wrong?

Tira: *she turns to him teary eyed* Wouldn't you rather talk to that goddess Urd? I don't have the body shape she has...you prefer her more..

Josh: That's not true...its not that I was asking her out on a date..I was just asking if she would like to get some dinner..for a bisnuess thing..

(Tira gets up and moves to the back of the plane)

Josh:..way to go..your best friend now hates you..-_-

Cammy: So how'd it go Josh..any luck?

Josh: *eyes Cammy* << I made things worse I think..

Cammy: *hugs Josh's arm* Well...there is always me ^_^

Josh: What have I done to deserve this...TT_TT...I need to retire while I'm still alive..

(Tira sees Cammy holding Joshs arm)

Tira: WHAT IS THIS!?!?! NOW YOUR FLIRTING WITH CAMMY?!?! WHOS NEXT SAKURA?!?! *begins slapping Josh*

Josh: Its..not OW what you think!! OWWW...stop..really OWW X_X

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Finished with Tennins now at his dads ^_^

Anywho heres the opening part to season 3

In the aftermath of events, Josh and Tira were relaxing in their hotel room staring as the clock grew near 12 PM, the time they were to meet with Urd in the brefing room on their latest assignment.

Tira: *is dressing josh's wounds* Josh with the condition your in youu shouldn't even be allowed to go on this mission..your injured, you should ask for a break.

Josh: I know, but I can't let you go alone on this mission I'll be worried about you..

Tira: Josh you need not worry about me..I'll be fine *smiles* Besides your the one who got shot up not me!

Josh: Good point >> (the phone rings, Josh answers it) Ok..we'll be there..

Tira: Only 5 hours of rest...not exactly what I call a day off...

-They exit their hotel room and begin walking down the hall to the elevator when Starfire approches them-

Starfire: Where do you two think your going?

Josh: To the brefing room..where else?

Starfire: Oh yeah..well don't move for a few seconds...

Josh: Why? (A trap door opens up under Josh and Tira)

Tira: Josh...you goof...-_-

-They both fell into a shaft that was dark, they kept falling until they landed ontop of a huge pile of foam, as they got up they saw a table with 3 chairs 2 at the end and 1 on the other end, behind the 1 chair was a screen-

Urd: *she turns around in the cahir* Ah just the people I wanted to see...good to see you made it on time.

Tira: Couldn't you just called us to the room instead..

Urd: Yes..but this way is a lot quicker and less expensive..

Josh: Less expensive..a hole opend up in the middle of nowhere you call that less expensive??

Urd: *points her metal pointer at him* Josh Don't question my motives -_-

Josh: >_>...oddball...

Urd: *Smashes the table in half* What was it you just said Josh? *gives him a death stare*

Josh: Your...your...super beautiful and I'm ready for this mission ^_^ (To himself: OMFG she freaking crazy)

Urd: (in Josh's mind: Don't even try the whole talk about me in your mind...I'm a goddess remeber?)

Josh: *hides behind Tira*

Urd: *looks at her watch* tch...4 minutes wasted...anyway if you both could turn your attention to the screen I'll fill you on the latest..

-Urd presses the button on the screen and a low buzzing noise is heard,the screen remains off, Urd presses the button once again and nothing happens-

Urd: BLASTED PIECE OF CRAP!!! *Bashes the TV with a giant sized hammer*

-The TV turns on and the CIA logo appears on the screen rotating-

Urd: *fixes her hair* -Ahem- Now if you watch the screen you'll see who your to OBSERVE..not take down..your just going to be observing the targets...*she presses a button on the remote*

-On the screen a girl with pink hair is displayed-

Urd: This is Haruno Sakura...the only female in the golden snakes..she's the person who does all the dirty work for them..*presses the button again to show Josh and Tira the way Sakura deals with her vistims*

Josh: OMFG *looks away*

Tira: That girl has talent for killing..>>

Urd: Indeed she does...you will be observing her..she is your prime target, remebe your not to engage her unless you have her in the act..we have to play it by the book this time.

-The screen changes once more and displays a guy with Blonde hair,yellow glasses,and a red coat-

Urd: This man here is-

Josh: Vash the Stampede!!

Urd: Quite right...how'd you know?

Josh: Well DUH..he's only the most wanted man in the world >>

Urd: Whatever...Tira this will be YOUR main target..he is the right hand man of the ring leader..we have no details on him yet..but we do have this video from one of our agents undercover there...before she was captured...

Woman: This is Agent Faye Valintine...*she looks to the side* I don;t have much time...they are responsible for the murder of the 3 CIA agents here..they also run drugs and illegal weapons *yelling in the background, Faye looks to the side again* The location of their base-*she gets tackled and the screen goes blank*

Urd: We have reason to belive she is still be held captive in their base..that's were you all will come in...aside from observing your targets..your to go undercover...were going to give you criminal records so when they scan you they won't know your FBI

Josh: So our two primary objectives are: 1 observe our targets and gather info and 2 Get in with the Golden Snake gang?

Urd: Percisley

Tira: I dunno this sounds dangerrous...Josh think were up for it?

Josh: Up for it? I'm more ready than ever..

Tira: I hope your right..

Urd: Good your flight will leave in 1 hour..enjoy..

Josh: ONE HOUR?!?! Can't we have just one day off...I mean..I'm injured for christ's sake! T_T

Urd: Not my problem..

Josh: Your evilllll SO VERY EVIL!!!! X_X

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Monday, July 17, 2006

   Going to PHOENIX , ARIZONA..well Scottsdale more like it ^_^

I put up some new pics of urd i drew also..forgot to mention that *pets his #2 pencil*

Yep I'm going to Arizona...actuly...its not Phoenix..I'm going to scottsdale ^_^ I've had 2 days rest since the tournament..and guess what I'm to leave to Scottsdale Arizona and play there ^_^ *is ready to sweat like no tommrrow* They are in the triple digits I think...yesterdays temp there was roughly 113 degress o_O *begins to panic* also if you didn't catch the first season of the story I finally got that on my other site just click the button below and it will take you there..

Anywho..I might not be able to get to sites today...unless I get to the Hotel and they have a computer there like they did in roswell..If they don't I'll just use this one girls laptop how goes to my school she loan it to me ^_^....hopefully...anywho..I will do all I can to stary in touch with you all! Now..I must go pack and be ready to leave..

Also Season 3 of the story is going to the top of its class! I will post it as soon as possible..hopefully soon so you can all enjoy it ^_^

Well I'll see you all around then ^_^

The kid who yelled hentai in the streets of Japan and laughed about it...it can only be Joshua B Hixon!! ~laughs*

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

   What you have all been waiting for @_@

(There was silence...suddenly there was a loud thud, Josh opened his eyes and saw that he was still alive, He turned around and saw Morrigan on the ground dead and there stood Tira her pistol still smoking from the shot she fired)

Tira: Thought..you could use some help Josh...can't have you dying on us now can we?

Josh: *Gets up and approaches Tira* Tira...thank you...you saved my life...*hugs her and kisses her on the cheek* I can't thank you enough..*he then goes over to Asuka and unties her*

Tira: *turns bright red*..O///O

Asuka: About time you slackers got here!!

(Starfire slowly makes her way to the room)

Starfire: Can we please leave and get me to a hostipal...

"You thought you could be rid of me that easy?!?!"

(They all turn around to see Morrigan holding a switch)

Morrigan:.....I've come to far to go down...if I'm going down your going down...-presses the switch setting off an explosion-

(The warehouse is up in flames)

Josh: Is everyone alright??

Tira:...not so good here....(she gets up slowly) wheres starfire?

(They see starfire uncconscience)

Tira: josh...were surrounded by flames how are we going to get out?!?!

Josh: *picks up starfire* I'm working on it...(looks around quickly and sees an area with no flames) Over here...we'll get out through here..

(A huge piece of the roof falls and blocks their path)

Tira: Josh...were traped.....I guess this is it for us...well since were about to burn alive..Josh-

Josh: Tira...you can tell me when we get out...we're not dying here....

(one of the supporters under the room gives way making the room lean to the left)

(They all slide to the windows breaking through them, Josh grabs the ledge,Tira grabs Josh's leg and catches Starfire by her hair)

Tira: Now you know that has to HURT!!

Starfire: (still unconscious)

Tira: Wait a minute...where the hell is Asuka??

Josh: I dunno...she just vanished after the explosion...think she's ok?

Tira: Why worry about her when we're dangling over a huge thing of fire?!?!

(Josh begins to lose his grip)

Josh:...Tira...I-(a huge chunck of the roof caves in, and a helicopter is in sight)

Asuka: (in the helicopter) Hey guys need a lift? (throw the helicopter hook down to josh)

Asuka: JOSH! Grab the hook!!

Josh: EASY FOR YOU TO SAY!! (begins reaching for the hook) I....I..I can't reach it....*begins slipping more*


Josh: o_O *begins reaching for the hook again* Almost-*slips* O crap...*reaches in a last attempt and gets ahold of it* ASUKA PULL US UP X_X

(asuka signals the pilot to pull them up)

Josh: Tira now what was it you wanted to tell me back there?

Tira:.....Your freaking clumsy..moron -_-

Josh: -sigh-

(they land back at the hotel rooftop)

Asuka: Good thing I got there in time...or you'd be burned..

Josh: One question...Asuka how did you get out the building so fast??

Asuka: Oh I simply went through the staff exit behind me...^_^

Josh & Tira: *do the anime fall*

Starfire: *comes to* Whoa...where am I..and why do I have such a sexy tan?

Josh: Well you were being held by your hair over-*Tira covers his mouth*

Tira: What he's saying is that...you've just never noticed your tan before *nervous chuckle*

Starfire: *Shrugs*

"I see you have all done well...good job back there..."

(they all turn to see a woman with white hair and a strange marking on her forehead)

Woman: Oh how rude of me...I'm Urd...Head of the CIA..You must Be Agetns Josh and Tira....pleasure to meet you.

Josh:..well why recomend us for this mission when the FBI could have handled it??

Urd: It was a test...and Star..you did spot on acting I'll see to it that you get that promotion to Feild agent again.

Starfire: *Bows to Urd* Thank you.

Tira: You mean...that...she...this..was a test?!?!?

Urd: Well we don't just let anyone into the CIA you know...so we had to give you a feild test..sorry you had such a close encounter with death and all but you'll get used to it..

Josh: I hate it when they do these sort of things to you...>_> That's low Urd..very low..

Urd: *approches Josh and Tira* Since you passed with flying colors...*hands Josh and Tira their Offical FBI badges* Welcome to the FBI Agents Josh and Tira.

Josh:This is a great honor...*takes the badge* AWESOME!!!

Tira: *takes the badge* Well...I guess were on leave right??

Urd: No not really....

Josh & Tira: WHAT?!?!?

Urd: Your next mission will take you to Kyoto, Japan..where a gang know as the Golden Snake is up to no good...your to be in my office at 1200 hours tommrrow...well that's all for now...enjoy your day off...*begins walking away*

Josh: AWWWWW MAAAAAAN!!! *puts his face in his hands*

End to Season 2....


Well hows that for an ending? Had to put more thought to it...but I hope it turned out great..and curse that dreaded staff exit >XD

Wow that was a good season...now I'm going to begin work on season 3 of my story...called "Shadow Watch" (still that title sounds odd ANYWHO) If you want to get up to date on stories you've missed so far I'm going to post them on my other site as soon as possible! so you can catch the beggining of this epci series ^_^ When I do get it posted I'll let you al know then you could check it out and maybe get some good laughs and find a way to pass the time ^_^ Well until next time fans!!

The kid who said hentai and laughed about it...Joshua B Hixon The 3rd

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