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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Last Wed. I kicked a whole in the bathroom door,trying to get my little brother cos he was bein a butt and throwing a fit cos i was trying to call mom for him and to call my phone to find it,and he wanted to sign back on the internet so he could play a stupid game.He kept trying to sign on while i was calling.I was leaving a message on my mom's phone when he came into my room and screamed "I NEED THE INTERNET!" I am on phone restrictions for another week,but,hopefully,since I'm doing more to help out,like weeding and mowing and actually cleaning around the house,I'll get off by thurs.I can't watch tv,or listen to the radio,my mp3,or my cd player till school starts.I STARTING TO GO CRAZY!!Music is like my life.I am getting braces next Thurs.And band camp starts next week.
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