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Hey, and welcome to MyO!

I just want to thank all the people who comment on my work. I really appreciate it and I hope you guys continue to do so!

Plus . . . comments make me feel warm and fuzzy, and I love that feeling!

If you would like to visit Our (My friends and I)'s site click on the website link to the left. Im under the link to DraganEye's Dominion. It's currently reeeeally outdated, BUT it has a really neato layout (Legend of Zelda). I worked hard on that one and I think it turned out pretty well.

Wow, 40,000 downloads! Thanks to Everyone who downloads them. You have my encouragement to go ahead and keep downloading them! :>

Oh, and just so that everyone knows, I do not draw any of the art in my wallpapers. The art that I do put into the have adjustments made to them.
I give credit to anyone who drew the pictures I use.

I've decided to cahnge the video to somthing a little more . . . humorous . . . (Stupid). I love this commercial (The guy reminds me of Mello . . . It's definatly the hair . . . ). If your brain cells can withstand the onslaught of the "Little Lad Dance" , go a head and watch . . . hehe.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

My friend has made a Website where people can come and talk about whatever is bothering or happening in their lives.

In other words: Feel Free 2 Talk, hence the title of the post.

You can talk about the good and the bad.

Go Give it a look-see:


I think It'll be pretty cool after we get a variety of people talking and debating.

So come and give it a click-o-roo!

Btw, I'm going through some tough times right now, sorry for the lack of wallies, and art all around.

Buuuuut anyway, come and talk on the site!

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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

   *squeee* I found an AWESOME KH vid! . . .
Hehehe. It's beautiful

Watch. Now.

Well, I guess you could If I actually put the video in here, huh.

Heh, See I told you it was beautiful.


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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

   O . . . M . . . G . . .
Trick3431 was kind enough to comment on my Larxene wallpaper. Thank you very much if you read this. She also metioned that she was waiting on Luxord. This motivated me greatly!

Sooo, I decided to see if I could make a decent one, and, and, and, I almost had it FINISHED . . .

And, my program FROZE ON ME! . . . Lost all my progress . . .

. . . Now I have lost almost all motivation to remake that wallpaper. I thought it was actually going to turn out really well, too.

*cries in the fetal position*

I will try it again, don't worry. I don't know if I have to patience to try it again tonight or not . . . but I will get it done sometime this week.

On a "non-Luxord" note . . . I REALLY DON'T WANNA DO A ROXAS WALLPAPER. I strikes me that his would be very difficult to doooo . . .

I will probably try to make one sometime, but It will probably take a little longer, seeing as I really don't have to motivation to deal with that particular little Nobody at this time, lol.

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

   Naruto spoilers, and HP: DH notspoilers, lol
I. Just. Read. Ch. 363.

I am not happy.

*Spoiler Alert* Don't read it if you plan on reading Chapter 363 of the Naruto Manga.







My DeiDei! Come baaackkk!!!

I miss him soooo much D:

I don't really doubt that Dei is dead, though I reallllllly hope Akatsuki gets something to bring back their deceaced (or in Hidan's case, Detained?) members. Tobi, though . . . What happened to him? They said that he died in Dei's explosion. He CAN'T die! I love Tobi (he's my 2nd fav Aka Member, behind Dei). Until I see a corpse, I don't beleive he's dead . . . I wonder if anything would be left if he was caught in Dei's explosion . . . We don't even know his background yet. I am a Tobito supporter, btw. If he really is Obito, that would be AWESOME, if he's not, then we have a new character to love, and HE HAD BETTER BE ALIVE TO LOVE!

I love the Akatsuki members! Their the most original group of Antagonists since Organization XIII! I think I'm just a sucker for large groups of Intelligent, Original, bad guys, lol.

Ok, let's just stop the spoiler break, now that I'm pretty much done with my rambling.







*End of Naruto Spoilers*

Well, I went to the nearest Walmart today to pick up my own copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows.

I could tell you about my expirences reading it but,

I can't . . . because they didn't have anymore . . . D:

It made me sad. I'm not upset or anything. I know I'll get to read it eventually. It's not gonna change, lol.

What did make me sad though, was that the ONLY place I can buy books in my area, is Walmart. They only have one very small aisle of books, and most of them are those stupid romance novels. No manga, no good Sci-Fi Novels, no nothing . . . AND I have to go to the next town over to get to this Walmart. I live in a very, very small community . . . and it has very few good stores, if any, to buy the kind of things I enjoy wasting my money on, lol.

I'll stop my rants now. If you made it through all that, you get a cookie. Areallybigcookie.


Lol, Later peoples.

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Any Suggestions?
I think I'm foing to make an Organization Mix CD.

Yes, I know . . . I'm a Dork

Anyway, I have a few songs in mind for Axel, like "Going Down in Flames" by Three Doors Down, or "Pardon Me" by Incubus.

I had songs for some of the rest of the Organization, but I've forgotten them, ^.^' heh.

Please comment if you have suggestions for the other members, or another song for Axel.

Riku and Namine are welcom to songs as well, just because their both cool like that. :D

I. Xemnas
II. Xigbar
III. Xaldin
IV. Vexen
V. Lexaeus
VI. Zexion
VII. Saix
VIII. Axel - "Pardon Me", "Going Down in Flames"
IX. Demyx - "Into The Ocean"
X. Luxord
XI. Marluxia
XII. Larxene
XIII. Roxas
XIV. Namine
XV. Riku

I know I have enough for Axel, but what about "Get Out Alive" by Three days Grace for Roxas or Axel? It dawned on me that that was a good pic for them when I found Kitten-Chan's deviantion: "KH: If You Wanna Get Out Alive" on Deviantart. Loverly picture . . . go see it.

Suggestions make me happy!

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