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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

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munky - female - eighteen - college freshman - short - straight - catholic - viet/french/chinese - likes food - loves music - anything else, just ask or see here or here.

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The Rotation

prayer of the refugee

Week 44

Date: September 30, 10:20A.M.

Anyoung, minna! Hello visitor #free hit counter! Welcome to Anyoung, Watashi no Ai formally known as Happy Oranges also formally known as Death By Cup Noodles. I'm your hostess, Munky! I decided to rename it because I moved this site (I previously had it on a xanga which was annoying to update sometimes) and because I gave it a new refreshed look with new refreshed songs. "Anyoung" is a greeting in Korean and "watashi no ai" means "my love" so together you get, "Hello, my love!" Tis so cute! [super loves] Neenerways, hope you enjoy the songs I have up. I upload all kinds of songs so that there aren't any language or genre barriers. I try to update every weekend and provide a sample playlist when I'm not lazy, busy, or tired. Ah, stealing will not be tolerated. Anything here you pass off as your own, you shall feel my uber virtual smite-y-ness [super wink] so don't do it. If you feel the need, contact me whenever you feel like and we can chickadee/chickadude chat about anything. Music, boys, girls, meanies, anything! Welps, happy browsing/listening!

Yup, there's rules. I know rules suck but I have to have them and you have to follow them. They're simple:
& NO direct-linking.
& DON'T keep the songs for more than 24 hours for these are just samples.
& SUPPORT the artist if you like them by buying their album in stores or from websites like YesAsia or Amazon.
& I WILL UPLOAD on a different hosting site for you if MegaUpload is being mean to you but you need to have patience with me. Getting the songs up first is top priority.
& REQUESTS are OPEN. Instructions for requesting are on the "Playlist" page. Read them carefully.
& I am in NO WAY RESPONSIBLE for viruses or spyware that you find on your computer.
& REQUESTS FOR AFFIES/LINK EXCHANGES are open but I don't accept an inactive, pornographic (art is fine), super swearing, unorganized, racism, etc. sites.

All righties, I'm at school right now but I promise that I will wake up bright and early tomorrow and have your rotation up. I will add more than 10 songs and 1 other album to make up for the past 2 weeks that I missed. Hope you look forward to it ;D
Last rotated: September 8, 2008
Next rotation: October 1, 2008

Title: the swim by 12012
Genre: Rock
Duration: 5:33
Language: Japanese
Rating: 8/10
Comments/Description: I really love the beginning to this song and the background music. The whole song overall is pretty good with a sense of eeriness.

Title: Ye Zi (Leaf) by Ah Sang
Genre: Pop
Album: The Rose OST
Duration: 4:56
Language: Mandarin
Rating: 100,000/10
Comments/Description: This song always depresses me but it's absolutely beautiful. Even if you're a non-native speaker, you can feel the sadness in this song. The lyrics are so...agh...sad! With the added piano and violin melody, it makes the whole song sound even more depressing yet beautiful. I fall in love with this song over and over again with every listen. I forgot to upload this on imeem. I'll be doing that on a later date.

Title: OASIS by Janne Da Arc
Genre: Rock
Album: Another STory
Duration: 4:19
Language: Japanese
Rating: 10/10
Comments/Description: I love this song! It's so upbeat yet it isn't over-the-top. Very awesome manipulation of rock sounds, voice and everything. Kind of reminds me of a song that would be on Guitar Hero, especially when you get more into the song. A definite recommend!

Title: Goodbye Alice in Wonderland Album by Jewel
Genre: Pop
Album: Goodbye Alice in Wonderland
Duration: 54:37
Language: English
Rating: 10/10
Comments/Description: I love, love, love this album! It's more alternative-acoustic than Pop. The lyrics are freaking awesome and the melodies Jewel has created are still as epic as "Standing Still". My favorite tracks are the first four. I definitely recommend this for any fans of the acoustic/alternative genre!

Title: Next To You by Jordin Sparks
Genre: Pop
Album: Jordin Sparks
Duration: 3:16
Language: English
Rating: 100,000/10
Comments/Description: I seriously don't understand why Jordin Spark's album didn't sell well. The songs on it aren't horrible and her singing is unrivaled! The girl's got talent and she deserves fame and fortune! This is one of my favorites on the album. It's one of her softer songs. I love the lyrics and how it closely relates to high school love. I also love how the song escalates in emotion and the power in her voice becomes more apparent. Very awesome.

Title: Ai Hen Nan (Difficult To Love/Hate) by Kelvin Tan
Genre: Pop
Album: i-Wei Lan
Duration: 4:18
Language: Mandarin
Rating: 10,000/10
Comments/Description: I seriously love this song. Very shiny love song that illustrates the difficulty that guys face (but won't own up to) when trying to get over a girl or when they truly love a girl. Kelvin's voice is very soft and the melody that accompanies him pieces together quite nicely.

Title: Mirage by LoveHolic
Genre: Pop
Album: Nice Dream
Duration: 4:01
Language: Korean, some English
Rating: 1000/10
Comments/Description: I absolutely love JiSun's voice. It's very, very soft in the most powerful way. Her voice carries the emotion in this song very, very well...agh, this song is so flippin' sad. You can feel the deception in just the singing. Awesome lyrics and melody. A definite recommend. I do not approve of the English bit but the rest of the song is quite nice.

Title: Embers And Envelopes
Genre: Christian
Album: Destination: Beautiful
Duration: 4:18
Language: English
Rating: 1,000,000/10
Comments/Description: Oh my gosh. I love, love, love Mae. They're one of my most favorite groups ever. Their style is more like Switchfoot's lyrics and Boys Like Girls' style. You don't have to be a Christian to like this song. In fact, I think it's quite Alternative-like. I love this song so much. There is much glitter in the background music and I love the lyrics so much. It always repeats in my head "...Embers, we're burning bridges down. Envelopes stuffed with feelings found..." very shiny, indeed.

Title: I'm Me (feat. Omarion) by Mila J
Genre: Hip-Hop
Album: --
Duration: 3:36
Language: English
Rating: 100,000/10
Comments/Description: This was recommended by a friend sometime ago. Now, I usually detest Hip-Hop and especially detest girls rapping but this one is exceptional. I like rap when people can rap. However, this song is very much like an "I'm the sh!t, bow down to me"-type of song. Even so, I really like the mellow hip-hop beat and the confidence in this song.

Title: Turn It Up by Paris Hilton
Genre: Pop
Album: Paris
Duration: 3:14
Language: English
Rating: 9/10
Comments/Description: When I first heard this song, I thought it was Britney Spears. Yes, I know...Paris Hilton is a bit of an idiot and many of my audience may shun me for putting up this song but it's not all that bad. Plus, we should give her some credit. The girl's getting better. Anyway, if you liked Britney Spears' most recent album, you'll like this song. I don't think either girls can sing but this song could be sufficient as a hip-hop dance song.

Title: POLYRHYTHM by Perfume
Genre: Pop
Album: GAME
Duration: 4:09
Language: Japanese
Rating: 1000/10
Comments/Description: Ah~ I love Perfume. What's a collection without my devil pop? Haha. This song isn't as upbeat as their previous works but it's still got the same amount of cuteness and of course, very much voice-tweeking. However, there is a point in the song where they annoyingly repeat "polyrhythm" over and over again making me think that my computer was lagging. Don't worry, it's just the song. Even so, I always thought that part was so annoying so that was the cause of the deduction of 2 digits. Overall, it's pretty cute...like an updated version of "computer city".

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