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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

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munky - female - eighteen - college freshman - short - straight - catholic - viet/french/chinese - likes food - loves music - anything else, just ask or see here or here.

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sarang han da myun

Date: February 26, 12:57P.M.

Anyoung, minna! Hello visitor #cool hit counter! Welcome to Anyoung, Watashi no Ai formally known as Happy Oranges also formally known as Death By Cup Noodles. I'm your hostess, Munky! I decided to rename it because I moved this site (I previously had it on a xanga which was annoying to update sometimes) and because I gave it a new refreshed look with new refreshed songs. "Anyoung" is a greeting in Korean and "watashi no ai" means "my love" so together you get, "Hello, my love!" Tis so cute! [super loves] Neenerways, hope you enjoy the songs I have up. I upload all kinds of songs so that there aren't any language or genre barriers. I try to update every weekend and provide a sample playlist when I'm not lazy, busy, or tired. Ah, stealing will not be tolerated. Anything here you pass off as your own, you shall feel my uber virtual smite-y-ness [super wink] so don't do it. If you feel the need, contact me whenever you feel like and we can chickadee/chickadude chat about anything. Welps, happy browsing!

Yup, there's rules. I know rules suck but I have to have them and you have to follow them. They're simple:
& NO direct-linking.
& DON'T keep the songs for more than 24 hours for these are just samples.
& SUPPORT the artist if you like them by buying their album in stores or from websites like YesAsia or Amazon.
& I WILL UPLOAD on a different hosting site for you if MegaUpload is being mean to you but you need to have patience with me. Getting the songs up first is top priority.
& GUESTBOOK comments are nice if you're a MyOtaku member. I don't think you can comment if you're not a member.
& REQUESTS are CLOSED for now. Instructions for requesting are on the "Playlist" page. Read them carefully when I decide to open requests again.
& I am in NO WAY RESPONSIBLE for viruses or spyware that you find on your computer.
& MUSIC SHEET REQUESTS are also open.
& REQUESTS FOR AFFIES/LINK EXCHANGES are open but I don't accept an inactive, pornographic (art is fine), super swearing, unorganized, racism, etc. site.
& BUTTON/LINK is required to be up before or right after you request an exchange/affiliation.
& EVERYTHING ELSE you might need (downloading instructions, plugboard, etc.) is on the "Extra" link in the navigation.

Yeah, I'm on hiatus guys. Sorry. I'm still going to update my blog, fanlistings, and whatnot. Hopefully I'll be off hiatus soon because I have A LOT of music I want to share with you guys. I also had to remove a whole bunch of affies and linkies because their sites died [tears]. Yeah, I really, really want to return but Senior year is full of drama and it's very hectic for me right now. I want rotating to be something I enjoy; not something I'm obligated to do. I shall return when I'm ready. Don't worry ;D

Title: Sensu by Ai Otsuka
Genre: Pop
Album: Love Jam
Duration: 4:21
Language: Japanese
Rating: 100/10
Comments/Description: I love how this song is so calming compared to her usual bouncy, cute, and glittery songs. The beats are very slow and it has a nice acoustic sound to it. I was obsessed with this song for some time so it's a huge recommendation.

Title: Zuotian Shi Ni Shengri (Yesterday Was Your Birthday) by Anson Hu
Genre: Pop
Album: --
Duration: 4:19
Language: Mandarin
Rating: 100/10
Comments/Description: I absolutely love this song. It's slow but it's not calm ... well, it is calm but it's ... nice. I suck at explaining. Explaining things isn't exactly a strength of mine. OK, I'll try to rephrase ... the song is very unique in its own way. It has different rhythms where they don't clash especially when you get the chorus. Yeah, I was also obsessed with this song for a while ... but SOMEBODY thinks he's crappy. He has a really girly voice (just to warn you). Jesh recommended him to me and I like his stuff. They're pretty nice but hard to find [x.x]

Title: Gentle Giant by Clazziquai
Genre: Electronica/Techno
Album: Love Child Of The Century
Duration: 4:39
Language: English
Rating: 1000/10
Comments/Description: Yes, you guys should know how much I love Clazziquai. This is a pure English song and I think it's so freaking cute. But the "gentle" giant is freaking mean when he talks. He's like, "Bring me some more wine! `Cause I'm the gentle giant." I was like, "Yeah, right," but then the song is still really cute and bubbly. I absolutely adore it.

Title: Coco Album by Colbie Caillat
Genre: Pop
Album: Coco
Duration: 43:35
Language: English
Rating: 100,000/10
Comments/Description: OK, I LOVE Colbie Caillat. Her name is pronounced kuhl-bee kuh-lay. Such an awesomest name. Anyway, there is not ONE single song I hate on this album. And every single song has its own unique sound. I mean, her style is still the same but each song is unique. Some songs are more beatific than others and some songs are more lyrical than others but in the end, it is all good. There is nothing to hate about this album. I don't think she should be in the "Pop" category because she's more like ... "Alternative/Pop."

Title: Biao Bai (Justify) by Elva Hsiao
Genre: Techno/Pop
Album: 1087
Duration: 3:29
Language: Mandarin
Rating: 10/10
Comments/Description: I was watching a really cute behind-the-scenes clip of Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu (Taiwanese adaptation of Hana-Kimi) and I heard this very awesome song at the very, very end when the lead female was being her cray-jee self. It turns out, this is the awesome song and it's new. Bwehehehehehehe. So yeah, this is one of her only good songs out of her album though [disappointed]. Anyway, this is a good dance song and it has a nice rock sound to it.

Title: What's Good by Jordyn Taylor
Genre: R&B
Album: --
Duration: 3:36
Language: English
Rating: 1000/10
Comments/Description: I love the lyrics in this song and I love how the background music sets itself somewhat apart from other R&B songs. Jordyn's voice is also really nice and soothing.

Title: Thé à la Menthe by La Caution
Genre: Electronica/Dance
Album: Sounds Of Kourtrajme
Duration: 2:22
Language: No Lyrics
Rating: 100,000/10
Comments/Description: Dude, I love how this song has such an exotic Indian rhythm and sound but can still hold that club beat to it. It's one of my favorites and I wouldn't mind belly dancing to this [super winks] ... some people know what I'm talking about.

Title: That Ain't Love by Myxx
Genre: R&B
Album: --
Duration: 3:06
Language: English
Rating: 100,000/10
Comments/Description: I know some of you don't like R&B but please, give this song a chance. The lyrics to this song are just so fitting for most of us girls. Right now, this song fits what I'm trying to tell someone to do but they won't listen because they're just waiting for something bad to happen. I keep warning them, but no. Anyway, yeah, the lyrics to this song are what really gets me. Their voices are very, very beautiful and I love how the background music is so serene but at the same time somewhat beat-y.

Title: You're Not Alone by Saosin
Genre: Rock
Album: Saosin
Duration: 3:58
Language: English
Rating: 10,000/10
Comments/Description: Dude, this song is so pretty! I love how it's so orchestrated yet there's still a rock beat to it. The lyrics are kind of repetitive but it's still really, really good.

Title: Our Story by Tension
Genre: Pop
Album: Smart
Duration: 4:53
Language: Mandarin
Rating: 100,000/10
Comments/Description: I'm so obsessed with singing this song. In fact, I want to sing it as an Outro one day for my school news broadcasting team. Anyway, I love the lyrics to this song. It's so cute and shiny! They're really, really great singers and I love when they a capella! There's a soft beat in the background and I love how in the beginning, there's a cute little glittery tune.


Coming soon ... hopefully.

Coming soon ... hopefully.

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February 26th
Current Obsession(s): Purikura, Fanlistings, singing, bakeries, Yellowcard
Yeah, I have a lot to say actually but I shan't say it here just yet. I think I'm going to make a separate Otaku blog just for blogging so that there's not so much here. Well, it's kind of too late for that but yes, I'll either make a separate otaku or perhaps get back into the whole "blogging on Xanga" thing ... but then you can't blog on Xanga at school which sucks. All right, well, I'll see you guys later. Hopefully I'll be off hiatus soon. Thanks for being patient. Anyhow, there's a lot of drama going on my senior year but I wouldn't trade the memories of this year for the world because the good outweigh the bad. My last year to learn of life, love, and listening to teachers complain. Well, this year isn't over yet so we'll see.

To songmasters and songstresses: If you're a webmistress/master of a rotation and I've requested a link exchange/affiliation with you and you're not linked here, it's probably because you don't have my link/button up or are inactive. If you have my link up, notify me and I'll re-add you.

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