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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

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munky - female - eighteen - college freshman - short - straight - catholic - viet/french/chinese - likes food - loves music - anything else, just ask or see here or here.

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so this is LOVE

No Jackage Onegai
Date: June 19, 5:00 P.M.

Hao ni ! I am so sorry it's been such a while since I've visited. A lot happened during the last two weeks of school and a lot happened afterward. I really wish I could tell you everything but I don't remember everything ... I don't think I do. Plus, I don't want to burn your eyes ... at least, not too much.

Lemony see, welps, junior is FINALLY over. I was so happy when we got out. I as like ... WHEE ! I'M FREE ! I'M A SENIOR ! On the last day of school (which didn't really feel like the last day of school), three of my friends and I went to the movies to watch Shrek The Third which was alright. It wasn't horrible but it was not as good as I expected. The second one is still the best of the three. After Hobo went home, we watched Pirates 3 `cause Icky hasn't seen it yet so ... I fell asleep at the part where [ SPOILER ALERT ] Jack was rescued from Davy Jones' locker up to the part where Elizabeth was dubbed captain. [ SPOILER END ] Yups. Then the three of us went to Borders and read books. T'was pretty fun but then I fell asleep again. Tall tables and chairs feel really comfortable. I didn't get enough sleep for the last two weeks of school and definitely not the day before because I was working my butt off for my English teacher's finals project. In the fifteen minutes that I was awake at Borders and actually reading, I read more than 120 pages of Every Boy's Got One by Meg Cabot. Tis a really good book. For all you perverts out there, the title means every boy has a heart ... which I disagree with but ... whatever. I love Meg Cabot's books.

Lemony see, what else ? Ah [ excuse my language in this paragraph ] ! On the Thursday of the third to last week of school, this guy was a fricken ... A-HOLE ! OK, so my family and I have super road rage ... especially me and my mom. The morning of that Thursday, we were on our way to school. We wanted to pull into the farther right lane and there's this tiny Infiniti right next to our car which is a huge Astro Chevy "mini-van." We're RIGHT next to him and he sees our ticky thing on and we're turning right so we think he's going to slow down like a CIVILIZED HUMAN BEING. But this CAVEMAN-LIKE MONSTER turns LEFT and he's coming RIGHT ONTO us. My mom honks her horn so that it was a really, REALLY, loud sustained honk all the way until he turned on our left side and we were on the right side. He rolled his window down and we rolled our windows down. I saw his son sitting next to him with a REALLY scared look plastered on his face. I was screaming at the dad, my mom was flipping the guy off, and he was yelling at us. He's like, "What the hell are you doing?" and I was like, "CAN YOU DRIVE ?! HUHHH ?! CAN YOU DRIVE ?!" Then he sped up and we sped up. Our lane came to a stop and he was on our right side again and we still had our windows rolled down and he said through his window, "I'm gonna get you, you crazy son of a bitch." First of all, we're women. Honestly, how did he find someone to bang in life ? Anyway, he still had his windows rolled down and he was ahead of us and I poked my head out the window and screamed, "ALL RIGHT, FUCKER, WHATEVER YOU SAY !"

T'was quite fun. I like screaming at people on the streets. My mom told me just yesterday that they saw the same guy on the way back and he yelled, "Go back to China" and my mom was like "Loser." Dude, we're not from China. He just seriously further confirmed the fact that he is one of the biggest fartheads in the entire universe. He's an OLD guy too. Not like 80 year's old but like ... 50 years old ... I think. If he's younger than that, his white hairdo isn't doing him any justice.

Anyway, what else happened ? Yukari slept over and t'was fun. Her boyfriend came over `round 6 and stayed `til 9. It was really fun talking altogether. HEY ! THAT FREAK SITLL HAS MY BOOK ! [ death glares Pong ]

OH YEAH ! I didn't tell you guys did I ? Well that thing I tried out for [ Apache News, my school news broadcasting "station" ], I MADE IT ! Whee ! [ strokes invisible beard ] I must've left quite an impression on them. But then these two freaks made it and this really talented dude didn't make it. Dude, it isn't fair. Sersiously ... that guy's so freaking creepy ... ewww ... well, we have someone to bee-yatch about and someone to make fun of.

I finished watching Gokusen. It's so good ! Tis about this teacher who's supposed to be the 4th generation yakuza boss leader. Ah, yakuza is like a Japanese mafia. Anyway, she teaches a bunch of "delinquents." I shed some tears and laughed a lot. Tis really shiny. I'm hesitant on watching the second season though because the students won't be the same people ... and something else but I shan't tell you ! Ah, I also finished watching Hana Yori Dango. Tis so shinyyyyyy ! But the ending kinda left me hanging so I wanna watch the second season no matter what. For the heck of it, I'm going to finish Meteor Garden [ a Taiwanese jack off of Hana Yori Dango ] ... the guys in there are cute too ... but then if it weren't for some of their hair ... I mean, the main guy in Hana Yori Dango has weird hair too but the one in Meteor Garden has even weirder hair.

Oh, and I also got My Girl in the last two weeks of school ! I was so happy I marathoned it for three days. 16 episodes. 1 hour each. So that's almost 6 episodes each day. I still watch it a lot now. IT'S SO GOOD ! I labu-labu it ! I'm so glad I bought it ... kekekekeke. Now I must purchase the Kim Sam Soon Ultimate Collection ! Aja, aja, fighting ! Oh yeah, if you guys want, you can download Taiwanese, Korean, and Japanese dramas that I recommend here. I assure you, once you start, you will be hooked. Watch these (all are completed and are drama series and the ones with (*), I highly recommend watch ... cough*BUY*cough):
Japanese: Gokusen (Comedy), Hana Yori Dango (Romance, Comedy), One Litre of Tears (Tragedy), Unfair (Mystery), My Boss My Hero (Comedy)
Korean: *My Name Is Kim Sam Soon (Romance, Comedy), *My Girl (Romance, Comedy), My Sister-In-Law-Is-19 (Romance, Comedy), A Millionaire's First Love (Movie, Tragedy)
Taiwanese: Prince Turns To Frog (Romance, Comedy), Magicians Of Love (Romance, Comedy)
Some of these, you have to endure through the first few episodes so that you get it later on ... so if it's not interesting at first, please endure it because it gets better ! If not, then ... tis oki dokes ! At least watch ONE. Ah, I have to tell you now, if you don't have cable or WiFi, patience should be one of your virtues. If not ... you're missing out. Trust me, my mom said they're always the same [ and sometimes they are ... and she still says it ] but I'm getting her hooked on Kim Sam Soon and My Girl already ! Ha, ha.

I know I had more to say than this but ... you know, I don't wanna burn your eyes. Oki dokes, I shall be back after my camping trip this week ! I'll be back on Sunday ! Ja ne [ egad, look what you did, Chifu ... aka Furry-Chibi ] ! ... ah, yes ... I'm Catholic by the way. Just to tell you `cause someone asked in a private message but I don't remember who so ... if you're here, you got your answer ! Kekekekekekekekeke.


AnimeFantasy: I shall dub you ... Anitasy ! Yayyyyyyy ! I am sorry I haven't been visiting [ bows ] ... yeah, I'm getting my mom hooked. She loves Kim Sam Soon and My Girl. Ah, I am sorry about your grandparents [ bows ] I only know my grandma on my mom's side because she's the only one that's alive [ sad ] ... MYAAA ! MY ROOM ! Thank you for reminding me ! I still have to clean it [ >< ] ... YOU SAW PARAMORE ? ! YOU'RE SO LUCKY [ punches you ] and yes, I have an mp3 rotation that's currently on hiatus. It has songs on it but yeahhh ... I have to start updating it right away but I have so many songs to upload [ >< ] wowwww ... my site is becoming so renowned ! [ super joy ] Sankyuu for visiting and visit again sometime [ bows ]

Eamer: Ramen must love elves ... they kill midgets like me. I can feel the cancerous-ness growing inside me ... [ >< ] ... ah, the power of hydrogenated chemicals ... and ... SHE'S MY GRANDMA ! First you want my Jiggles now you want me grandma ! [ super glares ] and I'm sorry t'was so long [ bows and then turns back to death glare ] Ah, I am also very sorry that I haven't been visiting [ tears ]

Forgotten: I shall dub you ... gotten-sen ! Yes ... gotten-sen ... Nyaa ! I am very sorry I haven't been visiting [ tears ] ... ah, I'm Catholic. I was just visiting that church because my grandma doesn't understand english. And yes, there are some subbed in english on YouTube but not the ones I recommend `cause they're licensed already but if patience is one of your virtues, you can download it here. Wowwww ... 100 ! Mine is only half that ! Our gangs are freaking stupid. They fight like wussies ... honestly ... well, anybody who fights with a gun is a wussy. They're dishonorable. I hope you're safe though [ >< ] Myeh. It'll get more exciting at some point, I'm sure [ super grin ]

Neko: I shall call you Nenoku if that is oki dokes, yeah ? I am sorry I haven't been visiting [ bows ] ... who's Chi ? [ o.o ] HAH ! I know what a mosh pit is now ! I learned last week ! Kekekekekeke. Why the heckk would you wanna be in a mosh pit ? { o.o ] Ah, kekekekekekeke ... YES ! I AM THE MASTER WORD MANIPULATOR ! [ super grin ] AH ! You're Irish ! [ super kiss ] ! I don't know why but some people's shirts say "Kiss me, I'm Irish." [ shrugs ] So, did you see Pirates 3 ? What's your opinion ?

SessLover18: I shall dub you Seshlo if that's oki dokes. Yayy ! Oki dokes, I shall write a novel ... maybe one day ... t'would be fun. I am sorry that it is so long [ bows ] ... I am also very sorry that I haven't been visiting [ tears ] ... NUUUUUUUUUUUU ! Why'd you say that ? ! Gacktooooooooo ! I don't even admire him that much but ... he's a great entertainer ... [ >< ] ... BUT NUUUUUUUUUUUU ! And Anime Expo is next week too [ >< ] ... curse youuuuuuuuu !

Super Love ♥ ?

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