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Monday, May 28, 2007

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No Jackage Onegai-shimasu
Date: May 28, 10:00 A.M.

I went to a Vietnamese church yesterday, which I don't exactly go to often because I can only barely understand what they're saying, and it felt SO long. I accidentically fell asleep and I honestly didn't mean to but I did. Shat. I really wanted to go to my youth group at the church I usually go to but I was too tired at the moment [ =.= ]

Wow, my sister and I are obsessed with dramas ... I'm more obsessed than she is ... but still, we've been watching Asian dramas way back when and we dug up some old videos that my dad rented and never returned when I was four. Dude, I love this drama. I think it's called The Demi Gods and the Semi Demons. Something like that. Tis a Chinese Drama that's dubbed in Vietnamese but tis still SO GOOD !

Ah, jeez. My lips were burning from eating super spicy pho [ Vietnamese noodles ] but I like it. I had some Vietnamese noodles for brunch and dinner and I put lotsa-lotsa spicy sauce in it [ because what's pho without a lot of spice? ] and hoison sauce and t'was SO yummy. You're an abomination to the Vietnamese if you can't make pho and condemned to all eternity in purgatory if you're Vietnamese and have never tried pho. I'm gonna have some more for breakfast and perhaps brunch.

And I'm certainly going to die by the hands [ or noodles ] or ramen. I've consumed way too much. I was eating ramen at Jiggles' cousin's house Friday. I had Cup Noodles for lunch that same day too. The next day I had some more for dinner. I'm so dead. I did it for the spice, OK ? [ tear ]

Ah, my grandma is here. Not that I'm not happy. She gave me twenty bucks when I came in the room. She's really nice now. I mean, she was always nice but she was weird when I was younger ... I don't know ... t'was prollidy because I was shy as a little girl and never spoke [ especially to adults ] but now I am super opposite. Neenerways, she was sleeping on the couch two nights ago because my sister didn't clean up her room so that my mom, littler sister, and brother could sleep there and my grandma would take my mom's room but, NO ! Grandma plopped herself on the couch. And Tin-can [ the sister who wouldn't clean up her room ] NEVER listens to umma. She always screams or growls ... tis quite annoying. What's so hard about doing as your told ? Just do it and it's over ! [ =.= ]

I'm trying to clean my room but there's lotsa-lotsa papers I need to sort out ... so, tis quite the improbably feat. I've done it before for my birthday and t'was SO clean. It was like ... HALLELUJAH ! But now tis like ... a tornado of colors hit. And, honestly, it'll actually always be like that but ... myuu ... yeah, I need to clean it up.

I'm also taking driver's ed every Saturday and I have one more Saturday to go [ woot-hoo ! ] tis so boring. I have to sit there for eight hours reading, watching, and listening to things about driving. I mean, they've emphasized enough on drunk driving and stuff ... and there's these African-American chickadees who're speaking ebonics. I mean, they're cool but they talk WAY too much ... and you know what's funny ? They think the school I go to is dangerous. I was like laughing my butt of when they said that. My school is basically Asian Beverly Hills. The only way you'll get stabbed here is if you mess with a hardcore emo kid which people tend to stay away from so ... I dont' see what the danger is. I mean, we'll get a shooting like ... once every two years but the most recurring injuries that happen are ... paper cuts ... and bruises from sports ... that's it. Dangerous, huh ?

I really wanna go to KTV. Tis this karaoke place that's abundant in Asian and American songs, myuu. I've never been there before but I heard it was pretty fun. I wanna take my grandma there because she's going to be so bored if she stays here.

My mom wants to take us somewhere tomorrow for Memorial's Day but I'm going to Yukari's house to play D&D ... and leech off of her boyfriend's internet.

OH ! Speaking of her boyfriend, I must tell you more of her adventures. The Saturday before last Saturday was Temple City's prom [ a neighboring city to the one I currently reside in ] ... my best friend, Yukari, went to prom with her Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master [ and friend ], Phillip. Turns out she liked him [ which I never thought would've happened because she NEVER TOLD ME ] and he liked her [ which was blatantly obvious ] and chilled. T'was so fun harassing them on that day along with Ling and Fei-Star. Kekekekekekekekeke ... Pong [ aka Phillip ] just about reached his wits end but ... they left, unfortunately, before I could further the harassment [ tear ]

I didn't call Yukari the next day because I knew she was going to be dead that day and sleeping away the whole day so I waited for her to call me to dish the dirt when she was ready because I could just feel that something went down. As I predicted, she called me two days later and this is how part of the conversation was:
YUKARI: What would you say if I told you I liked Phillip?
MUNKY: Oooooh.
YUKARI: What would you say if I told you Phillip liked me back?
YUKARI: What would you say if I told you that Phillip and I are dating?
Yup ... that's about all I'm going to tell you. Except, they're like ... not that cute of a nerd couple because one is a psycho maniac and one is a psychoanalyzing freak. Well, they're both psychos so I guess they were meant for each other.

Oh, yeah ... on Wednesday, I got a callback for another audition-ish thing for the school news broadcasting show at our school. I was like really happy when I got it but I asked my teacher about it and he said it's not that you're in, they're just testing us some more. I realized that when I saw a few bipolar freaks there that I really cannot stand [ cough*BRIGGS*cough ] I mean ... dude, why is he so creepy? The way he was staring at the camera is etched into my memory ... [ shivers ] SO CREEPY ! So yeah ... I was pretty chill during it ... I wasn't freaking out but I didn't know how to work the capture because of those wire thingies ... they're so confusing [ o.o ] ... wish me luck, guys ! They're posting the people up today.

Lemony see, what else happened? OH ! Afterschool on Friday, Jiggles', some friends, and I went to Tap Sum Bong [ aka Tapioca Express ] and we saw this sorry-excuse-for-a-guy and ultimately avoided him. I got some YUMMY pudding Jasmine Tea w/o ice [ because we all know they fill the whole cup with ice so that you only have 1/4's of the cup ] and went to the 99 cent store to buy some ramen. 9 for a dollar is a good deal, dude. Oh, and we went to ... Teriyaki House? Yeah, I think that was it. Dude, their food smells SO GOOD. I have to buy some veggie tempura there. I love tempura [ mouth watering ] ... next time ... I shall. Crap ... I owe Jiggles 4 dollars ... [ looks at Finding Nemo ice cream bucket bank and tears ]

Ah and after that we dropped off Clara. During the duration that Jiggles' cousin and I were waiting for them to finish up their conversation [ which lasted fifty gajillion years ], Jiggles' cousin [ who I shall dub Rita ] thought it'd be amusing to bite her tongue and show me the amount of blood that was gushing out of it [ >< ] gross ...

So yeah, we went to Rita's house and talked for A LONG time about horror movies and real-life horror stuff and made fun of people's singing and what-nots. I really wanna sing for our grad nite talent show `cause I've been wanting to sing onstage for some time now but I just never got to it. Anyway, hopefully Jiggles' and I can do a duet. Then we looked at bathing suits and I found a really cute one [ super love ]

And then Jess decided to call me last minute to say she bought 10:50 tickets to the Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End show. I said yeah and after Jiggles' dropped me off at my house and we complained about housekeepers, Jiggles' dropped me off. When I got there, we were reading at Borders until they kicked us out. Oh, I wanted to buy a movie but I couldn't decide so we did the hand-behind-our-back-which-hand-is-it-in? thing and I kept getting the other movie but it was obvious that I wanted Music & Lyrics `cause I kept going like ... 3 out of 4 ... 4 out of 5 ... 6 out of 7 ... yeahhhhh ...

Then I brought my blankie with me and we bought some food and we waited in line for an hour. It didn't feel like an hour. It felt like ten minutes. I love waiting out like that. Anyway, these people behind us were talking about the way I was playing Mario Kart on Jess' DS. Yes, I know, I'm so pro. I GOT TRIPLE STAR ! Woot ! Kekekekkekekekekeke. Yeah, so we went in and watched it and I thought it was the best of the three ... so ... yeah.

Yups. I shall edit at or after my stay at Pong's house to update you on what's going on. Bai baieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !


Eamer [ Elves ]: Yeah, just in case you didn't know, I dubbed you Eamer. Kekekekekeke. I hope you're right [ sorry if it doesn't make any sense ... I'm just replying to almost each paragraph from last time ] ... yes, I'm going to use imeem from now on. Yes ... ha, ha ... I need contacts ... I don't want to use my glasses WHEN I get on APN [ our school news broadcasting thing ] because I'll have a hard time reading the prompter with the light in my face and my glasses burning my eyes ... [ cries ] ... I'm not going to Anime Expo anymore. I don't have the money to begin with so ... I bought a Korean drama instead [ it's not a soap opera, tis like ... a sitcom ] Yups ... I don't want to pay 23 trillion dollars of taxes either ... politicians can be so stupid ... they usually are. GWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ! No love from Sara. No, I didn't mean to say you're old ... emmm ... I meant ... getting shadows under your eyes and puffing up your eyes ... not wrinkles [ >< ] ... duibuqi [ "sorry" and bows ]

Jiggly Thang: No, I don't have Mr. C on my side. He's not on anyone's side. He's just ... the judge. Yeah, I know. I'm using imeem. I got my glasses fixed FYI. Yeah, well I'm going to Anime Expo next year [ sorry if it doesn't make any sense ... I'm just replying to almost each paragraph from last time ] ... so ... OK, for My Girl, I have like ... wait ... I don't remember how many peoples are wantings to watch it. Ivy asked first so ... I'll let you watch it after her. I'm going to give you the discs individually so ... after you finish each one, you can watch the next. Yeah, I'm so buying Kim Sam Soon The Ultimate Gift Collection. Kekekekekekekeke. She's a betch ... period. I don't like her and I never wlil. Yeah, my slime is funky ... tis not even slime anymore. Tis disgusting ... and dried ... I don't even wanna touch it anymore ... and yes, you were claimed. If you have a problem with that, take it up with Eamer.

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