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Friday, May 18, 2007

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munky - female - eighteen - college freshman - short - straight - catholic - viet/french/chinese - likes food - loves music - anything else, just ask or see here or here.

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Song: 爱能不能不变 by Michelle and Vicky
Date: May 18, 6:55 P.M.

YAYYYY ! Finally, this week is OVER ! Every single day felt like a freaking Friday. I had my interview for Advanced Video Production and I think they think I'm crazy but I don't care. They need to see who I am and if they don't like it, that's their loss because I don't want them to put up with someone who isn't who they seem to be because I already gave a few of the people a shy-girl impression and I HATE being shy but ... dude, c'mon. Would a girl be able to talk around perverted guys who will talk about nothing except the "human anatomy" ... if you know what I mean. Yeah ... so pray that I did well in the interviews. I know I left a pretty cray-jee impression on them and I was hoping for that but in all honesty, I really want to get in.

I think I'm going to change the song but nobody has the song that I want but whatever. I kept the same image as my last post up because I like it and I like Lee Jun Ki so ... bleh in your face ! Gwahahahahahaha. Ah, and I've decided to update once a week because this year is too hectic for me to update everyday or even every other day so ... yeah. And nobody comments my blogs ... me wonders why ? No love ? [ T.T ] ... or is it too long ? I don't like posting short ... posts ... I am sorry [ bows ]

My mom is taking my glasses to the optomitrist to get the lenses screwed back in so I'm wearing my super old glasses and it has like a fish bowl effect on me ... and I have a headache and am thinkings I need to sleep ... which I do but a friend might be coming over right now so I can't sleep. The lenses of the glasses my mom's getting fixed has been popping out every time I laugh or jerk forward ... tis quite annoying ... and today I thought I almost lost them and I was cussing my head off (I am so sorry) but I found them under a desk that was like ... ten feet behind me ... which I have no idea how it would get that far ... let alone BEHIND me [ o.o ] Freaky much ?

DUDE ! I'm so happy ... semi-happy. Well, first of all ... my best friend, Yukari, isn't as disappointed as I thought she would be when I told her I didn't want to go to Anime Expo this year. I still have to send her pictures of last year's Anime Expo. Don't get me wrong, I love the Anime Expo to death (my mom thinks I'm growing out of it ... well, I'm not growing so I certainly won't be growing out of it) but I just don't feel the "oomph" to go this year. Junior year has exhausted me out and it still is for as long as I'm a junior ... only nine-teen more days (incluidng final days) until this horrible school year is OVER ! Whee !

Oki dokes, second reason I'm semi-happy is because I'm buying a Korean drama that I love oh-so-dearly. Tis on par with My Name Is Kim Sam Soon which, you people MUST buy. I am totally buying it ... later. I'm getting the super-uber deal when I get the money for it which is like ... 100 bucks. Anyway, I'm getting My Girl. Tis such a cute story that I uberly love to death. I've only watched the first two episodes and I love it already. Plus, ellabuddy says it's good so, why not? It's already on par with Kim Sam Soon and I must say, that's pretty good ... and the guys aren't bad looking at all ... and the main chickadee is so cute. The competing chickadee is weird ... but tis oki dokes. Still uber-loves it ... but the reason why I'm only semi-happy is because I'm not for sure. It depends if my mom's boyfriend gets the memo early enough ... which I am totally hopings. `Cause if he gets the memo, I save 40 bucks because I'm asking him to help me get it since my umma doesn't believe in online shopping [ super sad ]

I am reading Like Water For Chocolate by Laura Esquivel (I love saying her last name es-kwi-vol ... kekekekekekeke) and tis pretty good ... well, the first chapter is pretty good since that's only how far I got. Shat ... I need to get a move on. I need to wait for my mom to get the HP USB cable to hook to my unused photo printer. I need to get a good grade on this project (which happens to be the final) and earn the pathetic miniscule extra credit points my pathetically illiterate ENGLISH teacher (no offense) gives. She should've just stuck to acting or performing with her flute. At least she'll be 10 percent more interesting than she is now ... and with the flute, nobody will have to hear her annoying voice. It just echoes through my head every single time ... tis like a banshee [ cries ] ... and I thought she was going to be all right because the very first day, she had her hair dyed pink [ sigh ] ... but t'was a dare and I am sad to say that she is a jerk to the core [ cries ].

Ah, my history class were discussing some new bill that was highly supported by the president and the senate. Something about if people illegally immigrated by January 1 of this year, they're considered legal immigrants as soon as they go through some paper work. Illegal immigrants before that will have to leave and get some paperwork done and then they iwll be able to come back. But the thing is, we'll have to pay 23 TRILLION DOLLARS of taxes if we let this bill pass ... so I say no. Also, what would happen to the families who've been trying to build a better life for their children ? Well, it is their fault for coming over here illegally but ... still. It's not fair to them. Plus tis a waste of our tax money. What the heckk are we paying for ? A bunch of illegal immigrants ? I think we should make better use of that money. Seriously, these politicians have no life and they need to come up with the most absurd ideas to gain recognition. Flippin' idiots. I should run for president. The first Female Asian President ... that's what they'll call me ... yeah ... but I hate politics. They're boring and annoying. I could spice it up a bit though ... kekekekekekekekeke.


jigglyness: AKA, your sources are lacking. Hobos have guns ? [ o.o ] wowwwwww ... the world really is in danger. Ha, ha ... you're face is funny. My little jelly thing is so small now [ >< ] ... can I have some more ?

ElvesAteMyRamen: Dude, I would love to move to New York just for the cold ... but then you'd have to be a really independent person to be able to move there alone. Well, that does make sense. I'd rather have a rubber monkey ... so cute ! Kekekekekekekeke. Ah, that is true. Luckily, I know when to keep my trap shut. Yeah, seriously. I hate it when people use words out of context. I mean ... I get that it's not what it means today but ... they're such horrible things to say [ cries ] ... dude, Korean IS a really tough language ... the tone thing applies to all asian languages. I'm learning Mandarin and tone is EVERYTHING. I love Mininova.org to death but I'm looking for a stream to play on my website so ... myuu. GWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA ! Take it up with Sara. She has been claimed since day one ... which was about two and a half years ago. Gwahahhahahahaahahahahaha ! [ watches you poke mushrooms in the corner ] ... and no wonder ... about the time zone differences. I understand now ... kekekekekkekekekeke ... but you should sleep when you get the chance to avoid getting wrinkles and bags under your eyes, myuu.

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