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Friday, May 11, 2007

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munky - female - eighteen - college freshman - short - straight - catholic - viet/french/chinese - likes food - loves music - anything else, just ask or see here or here.

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No Jackage Onegai-shimasu

FACK ! Tis hot. Who the chicken decided to walk onto a temperate desert and think, "Hmm...maybe I'll build a flippin' awesome city on top of this flippin' hot desert." [ super whacks that person ] Cereally ? Would you walk onto a temperate desert and suddenly have this crazy idea of building a city on top of it ? No.

I also have a few cray-jee thoughts. Like ... why would someone come up with a squeeky duckie to put in the tub while you're taking a bath ? Pretty weird ... I mean ... why not a dolphin ? Tis makenings more sense that way but I guess somebuddy was harassed by a duck while taking a bath during the olden days or something and was fascinated and decided to make a plastic friend to accompany them while they get squeeky clean.

Ah, my friends and I were talking about where I was taking the SATs and ... dude, I'm going to LA ! I don't wanna die. Honestly, I hear people getting shot all the time. Actually, people are getting shot more closer to where I live but ... c'mon. Where I live, you're more likely to meet divas like Paris Hilton than get shot but still ... it happens. Anywhee ... yeah, I really don't wanna die [ super grin ] so ... I'm bringing pasghetti (pasta-spaghetti) like my friend told me to and equip meself with a fork so I can just stab whoever comes close to me.

Then, I don't know how, the conversation suddenly shifted to the genealogy of the "F" word. And I remember this because I read it somewhere in eighth grade (I'm a Junior now ... that's 11th grade) ... something like "fornification under consent of the king" or something like that. I found a website that goes into detail about it. Tis pretty interesting. F.*.C.K.

Hmm ... I didn't know Lee Jun Ki sang. Well, he looks like a singer. Ah, I'm making my own songs. Well, I already made one song but it's really Vanessa Carlton-esque. Don't get me wrong, I love Vanessa Carlton but ... my voice is more meant for R&B styles or something like that so I'm making a song like that. So far ... I've only got two lines and they're more like bridges before the chorus so ... yeah. I've still gotta come up with the accompaniments for my other song. Aigoo.

Wow, speaking of "aigoo," I noticed some words in Korean are really funky and the sounds they make. Like asians generally say "aiya!" but Koreans say "aigoo" which is pretty funky. And when people are a little frustrated they usually growl or something like that but Koreans would usually go like "aishhhh!" like they're trying to say @$$. Sorry, I'm not much of a cusser due to being driven by religion and because I don't think people should cuss when it's not even necessary. You know what I mean ? Yeah.

Wowwie, this post seems pretty long. I've got a lot more to talk about ... but I forgot. Shat. How the chicken can I forget ? I hate it when that happens. You have these great ideas but--OH ! You know what I really hate ? I hate it when I'm sleeping--I'm a writer too by the way for fun ... sometimes ... I'm working on like three projects. So anyway, I hate it when I'm sleeping and then when I'm almost asleep or in my slumber, I'll come up with something really awesomest to draw or write or whatever and I just HAVE to get up and write it down otherwise I'll forget it and y'know. Yeah, I really hate getting up after sleeping. I'm just more tired.

Yeahhh ... I'm pretty tired right now. Oki dokes, I'm going to sleep. G'nite ! And thanks for those who've added me and left me comments of great amusement. I shall add you to my friend list of doom quite soon ... later-soon. Not right now, right now. Later, laters. Yeah. Oki dokes bai baieeeeeeeeeeeee ! [ below are replies to comments bee-tee-whee ] OH YEAH ! If anybody knows where I can get a torrent or whatever of all of Lee Hom Wang [ or Wang Lee Hom ]'s works, please contact me with the link at once [ since Jiggles' knowledge of downloading music is lacking ] ! Arigatou [ super bow ]! And I realize there is definitely something wrong with the music. I am fixing it so ... patience is a virtue.


jigglyness: What do you mean be nice? I'm a friggen angel [ super heart ] I shall be an Otaku Legend ... someday ...

ankoku: I pretty much answered your comment already but yeah. I quit at level four but I still play on my own time [ for any of those who care which is just about the whole world, right ? ] And yes ... you just had to say little one, didn't you ? Well, I don't blame you. I wouldn't say 4'9 is the tallest height for a human, would you ? Maybe tall for a midget but ... yeah. Anywhee...

Forgotten-Heart: Thank you for your kind compliments of doom. Gwehehehehehehe and I totally agree with you. People shouldn't take it too far. They're just making freaking porn. They need to find a real partner. That guy is pretty smexyy ... as a guy ... and as a girl. Gwehehehehehe. He's like the Johnny Depp of Korea. Only younger. Because the roles he chooses are really shiny and complex because nobody else would pick them you know ? Or nobody would act as well as he would. [ sigh ] He's quite talented. I have like three of his songs but I haven't listened to them thoroughly yet. I shall be the verdict later. I'm quite bushed at the momento.

ElvesAteMyRamen: Well guess what? I have officially made her my slave so I have all claims to her. She is certified and all paid for so you need not worry about her making you her slave [ super grin ] And yes ... tis the wrong "My Girl" you're thinking of. I was referring to a Korean drama. Kekekekekekekeke. But it is all right. I have made assumptions that would make you laugh until rice shot out of your nose like a machine gun. I agree with you. Gackt is quite pretty for a guy his age.

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