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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

About Me

my ninja costume

munky - female - eighteen - college freshman - short - straight - catholic - viet/french/chinese - likes food - loves music - anything else, just ask or see here or here.

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track 16 - jang geun seok
track 15 - shh!
track 14 - anyoung, watashi no ai
track 13 - daybreak
track 12 - musique
track 11 - harmonious allure
track 10 - the path you choose
track 9 - love cakes
track 8 - happy oranges
track 7 - love fruit
track 6 - experience
track 5 - the art of forgiveness
track 4 - my indecisiveness
track 3 - melodious
track 2 - a tribute to asian kung-fu generation
track error - no particular track

Pending Requests

If you could help me with finding these that would be so awesome. Of course, you'll be credited forever!
Requests are open. Please read the rules on this page and on the Playlist page.

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The Rotation

dance in the rain

No Jackage Onegai-shimasu

WOOOOOOOOT ! I made my own layoutttttttt ! Tis teh super shiny and super smexyy, Lee Jun (or Joon) Ki ! Yayuh ! I super loves him. I need to watch My Girl. I heard t'was pretty shiny. I watched like ... twenty minutes of The King And The Clown and couldn't take it anymore so I stopped watching. Partially because I was jealous that Lee Jun Ki makes a prettier chickadee than I would because I literally kept asking myself why he was prettier than me and a lot of girls out there ... and I stopped watching because t'was depressing and I know tis going to get even more depressing ... and I can't really take yaoi. I'm all for shonen-ai ... but ... dude ... that guy was about to stick his finger up Jun Ki's ... yeah. Anywhee ... Super woooooooot for teh new layout ! Now, I just need to fix the side module and then get used to this whole thing. I am very indebted to Jiggles. Gwahahahahahahahaha. Hope to meet lotsa-lotsa otakus in le future ! Gwaaaaaaaa !

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