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Wednesday, April 5, 2006

   Prom...Yay. Oh and a week b4 Guilty Gear XX #R Slash
My prom is Friday and I cant be happier right now. Just got my tuxedo last night and the hat that went with it was sold b4 I came. NO!!! Doesn't matter right now for reals. All I know is that I will have pics on here hopefully. Oh and my report card is a-ok. An A and 3 C's and 2 absences?? Yea, It's alright.

The newest addition to the Guilty Gear fam is coming a week away. I hope I can preorder it and make sure it gets here on time. I've been waiting on this one for a good minute now. I've been wanting to try this new character Holy Order Sol, not to mention my regulars, Ky Kiske and Robo-Ky, a robotic version of Ky. Dayum, can't wait for it....*sleeps*

Dat nigga Ky


Order Sol

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