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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jungy's Space:

It's been a long, long while...

Well, I don't know what possessed me to check myOtaku. I guess I remembered that I did comment on one of Zakino's posts, and went to check up on that. You know, Zakino mentioned how things used to be. Getting 10-25 comments per day, everyone floating around theO. There was always something going on, someone to check on, something new to see. Good old days, gotta miss em.

Anywho, just in case there's actually someone out there listening... I haven't been up to much lately. Been on a bit of an exercise and diet kick, and Warped Tour 2010 was last Friday, I was excited about that. Got to see Alesana, Breathe Carolina, Bring me the Horizon, Eyes Set to Kill, Mayday Parade, lots and lots of people. And even though I'm heat stroking, half passed out, and beyond all forms of tired, Warped Tour is one of the best days of the year for me. Of course, sort of signals the end of summer too. I'll be starting in on my second official year of college in September at Wayne State University, also pretty pumped about that. And I'll be moving out of the parentages house soon and in with my pseudo-hubby in Detroit. He wants to get a dog, and I said a husky, so yay! Maybe puppies <3

Other than that, I dunno what else to say. If you ever wanna get in touch with me outside of theO feel free to look me up, send me a message, whatever and I'll be happy to give you my info =) I miss theO! I hope you're all doing well!

loves you

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