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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Jungy�s Space:
I'm super bored o.o

So I don't have a ton to talk about. Going back up to Greektown Casino this weekend to stay at the hotel there in Detroit (the pretty part *gasp* there IS a pretty part. And then Warped Tour on the 31st, for those of you who do not know what Warped Tour is...you are lame.

Thanks for the e-mail Nana :D one of these days I'll remember to write back! And Zakino, to answer your question: Dual enrollment is where you're going to college and high school at the same time. So I was able to get the majority of my freshmen year credits that way. I also got one humanity credit by passing my AP Exam, and I get 6 credits for my English correspondence class. So yep yep lol!


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