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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Jungy�s Space:
Oh blah! That�s all I can say. August is such a stressful month =( the last one before my Senior year of High School. I have to quickly finish up my summer reading questions for my AP English class (it�s a pain T_T) and also a story for my correspondent class I got into a while ago (total writer�s block).
Rawr! And yesterday -_- I�m only going to mention it once, and if I see someone on the O talking about it I�ll shoot myself, yesterday my mom picked up my copy of Breaking Dawn. I can already tell that I�m going to be hurling this book left and right and putting it in the fridge. But I won�t be reading it till the middle of the month because, again, I need to get my summer reading out of the way.
We went out to the fair yesterday and there were just way too many people XD I got a corndog (SO GOOD) and a fried Milky Way =] (the most amazing ((and fattening)) things next to packski�s XD) And the day before that I had a party to go to at my friend Megan�s. It was pretty awesome. I wasn�t planning on going swimming so I didn�t bring my bathing suit but lol, I ended up jumping in with my clothes on halfway through. And then we went 4-wheeling!!!
The party ended up with all of us watching Snakes on a Plane, which is a terrible move yes, but is most hilarious. I still can�t get over that guy getting bit in his junk, that�s just funny stuff right thur. And we had a lightening storm!! It looked soooo cool!
Well that tis all for today I guess =P Thanks for all the compliments on my pictures ^_^

Elves requested pictures of my new kitten Kana =)

Zakino: Sure =D I�ll be happy to hang out with you any day! =P I lurv my wifey. You know I is vair sorry for leaving you for so long =( but I am back! I promise not to leave forever! And NOOOO never other women!! And nope =P it won�t hurt to make out with my tongue piercing. It doesn�t feeling like anything for me =] but it�s fun for you.

Magnus: *hugs* I missed you too!!! It feels good to be back =D Yeah I�ll try and keep it up some more. Who knows though DX this month is murder. And the piercing didn�t really hurt when I got it done, as in, the needle, you don�t really feel like it�s being pierced. But I did get a little lightheaded about twenty minutes later. It hurts, however, when your tongue swells up for 2-4 days. Mine was swollen for 3 and it was a pain and annoying and hard to eat lol. But now it doesn�t feel like it�s there at all. But I did get an Applejack stuck around it once XD I almost died laughing.

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