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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Story of my Life

Hi again =)
not much today, we have a snow day and it's much needed rest and a prolonging of those nasty tests, lol. I'm going to try and buckle down and right today >_< wish me good luck. I haven't been writing lately...I think it some point I may have just given up on everything.

But I'm trying again.

I'm trying to force myself into more "realistic" writing. Sometimes I'll get really carried away and I always want to throw some supernatural something in there, but the truth is I'm not that great with writing it XD so I've been trying to avoid it, at least until I can get a little better =)

But it feels good to be able to talk to you guys again =D I think when there's a lot of stuff going on in the real world, I always resort back to the people I know I love and trust, and you have all been here so long ^_^ you've done so much for me and I can't really say it enough but THANK YOU!!!!

And I think XD I might watch a Harry Potter movie lol, ever since the marathon on ABC I've been in an HP mood. So maybe the 4th or 5th movie today lol =P

Well anymawhozits, I'm going to reply to comments =]
Hope you all are well!!

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