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inuchobits (10/30/06)

aw,your site is ssssssooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!! i love your bg it is so AWESOME i am so adding you as my friend

well see ya soon


loserbabyyxx (10/25/06)

Love your sitee. . . It's prety.

FaireMoon (10/20/06)

Hey,Nice page!
Although the music...shocked me... XDD

yuko711 (10/15/06)

awesome site! ur avatar is soooo cute!well adding you and hope you come by my site and dont mind me adding u as a friend ~*ja ne*~ sincerely and forever, yuko

kikyou1994 (10/15/06)

AWSOME SITE its really really cool maybe u could come my site sometime p.s.adding u as a friend hope u do the same^__^

sworn.secrecy (10/04/06)

I really like your site...and i don't say that often...It's very delicate and feminine. All things i never seem able to be...Oh well, take care.


Kilwoon (10/01/06)

Hello Lea,

Thank you for stopping by my site and leaving such a lovely comment and guestbook signature. I will respond to them later in this guestbook signature, that I will. First I'll mention your post.

New York City? Oh, you're actually kind of close compared to most of the people on myOtaku. Not too many people who live on the east coast, ya know?

Oh, novelist? I would be most intrigued to read any number of your works, that I would. I am most interested, that I am.

Lea is a beautiful name. It's lovely and sweet. It's a truly wonderful name that you have my dear.

By any chance do you have brown semi-long hair? Brown eyes? Average height? I'm guessing that you're very popular and are a very interesting and spunky girl. It's my weird habit, sorry. I try and guess what people are like from their names.

I'm very glad that you have not drowned in a glass of water, that I am. That is a most awful way to die. Plus, I would not have been able to meet such a wonderful and interesting person if you had.

I'm always amazed that some people know exactly when it was when they became anime fans. Some people even have it to the day which baffles the heck out of me. I've always been one, always will be! Is that your sentiment?

I recgonize at least half of the animes that are your favorites. The ones I do recognize are ones that I love myself, but as for the ones I don't know...well, it's kind of hard to comment on them. You have a very well balanced group of favorites.

Incredible goal you have! It's a hard one, but you're the type of person who seems as though can do it. I believe so anyways. Lea, your wish will come true someday, of that I am sure. Best of luck!

Talents and reading coexist within one another. They are very special abilities to have and I'm sure that they'll take you far, that they will! You're such an incredible person.

Now on to the guestbook signature!

I'm confused about the whole bucket of water thing...really confused. Would you mind explaining that to me?

People are mentioning me...uh-oh. Am I in trouble for something Lea?

I'm adorable...really? I never would have thought so. That's a good thing I'm guessing, right?

You may certainly add me as a friend. I would love to become friends with you.

Comment time!

It's rather unfortunate to hear that you have been forbidden from coming on here by your mother. It makes me rather sad actually. You seem like such an incredible person to me. I understand your reason for your sacrifice and reason of punishment. I love this place and the friends here have become dear and wonderful parts of my life. I can only hope that they think of me as the same and that I will continue to be important to them.

I love your phrase about your home away from home...in home. It made me smile quite a bit. You're such an interesting person. Very spunky and interesting, that you are.

Wow, I'm very impressed that you were able to read the entire pist, that I am. I tend to write a lot, but I'm sure that you could see that.

Oh, Lostchild has a quote from me? Really? Hmm, I'll have to check it out.

Oh my, my post made you feel like crying? I'm so sorry for that. Oh jeez, I can't do anything right.

I also would like to believe that you and I could one day become great friends, that I do. Thank you for calling me a wonderful person, although I'm not sure how wonderful I am. It's hard to judge one's self. I would love to be friends with you that I would!

Which brings up something. I won't add you until I get your permission to add you. It's my personal policy, that it is. If you want to be friends, leave a comment saying so or send me a p.m. Either would be fine.

Lea, thank you for the kindness that you have shown me. I really appreciate it, and I can already tell that you and I will probably be the best of friends. I hope to hear from you soon!

May your days be blessed with joyous experiences, fond memories that will bring a smile to your face, and the love of friends and family alike.


morbo86 (10/01/06)

Hi thanks for the GB entry. Your site is really nice. Very nice background its so relazing ^^

I'm gonna add you as a friend, and I'll comment as much as possible ok ^^

see ya later I hope

randigurl16 (09/24/06)

hey i love ur site its awesumm!well im gonna add u i hope thats ok! I hope to talk to ya again!^_^

Sesonie (09/13/06)

i like your site! ^_^
come look at mine sometime o.k.?
~Bunny was here adorin envy

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