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Sunday, May 1, 2005

   My party!

Hey guys. ^^ Today has been a long day, let me start off from say, yesterday(saturday) morning. well first my buddy Frost phones me at like 9:00 in the morning. >.< he loves to wake me up on week ends. XD sheesh, well any way, we were talking for a bit, just waiting for the party and such, random talk. and after he had to go, about an hour later, I went back to bed. hehe, I usually get up at 11:00 so I needed some sleep! but then at like 10:30 my friend Julia phones! XD ahh. well she just phoned asking a few questions about the party. so we talked for a bit too. then after she had to go, I decided to get up. -_-

so I just cleaned up the basement and my room and stuff again, getting everything ready and then at about 2:30 me and Frost went to get Julia and went to go rent some games from block buster for the party! =P so we were at block buster for a while, got some games, and Frost rented the anime X so that we could watch it. he really likes it. I think its cool too :) and I learned how to play a song of there on my key board. thats what I do all the time after I hear a song enough times =P

so anyway, at 5:00 Ju came to the party abd we were all there. ^^ we had a blast! and you have to hear this!!! Ju got me an awsome card, it had an orange bandana in side and a gay pride bracelet that she made! XD I was soooooo happy, it matches my wrist band and belt. hehe. and also, $20, but I tried to give it back to her >.> I don't like taking money from people! but I ended up taking it. ^^ aaaaand, Ju got me something else but she forgot to bring it >.< she downloaded all the eppisodes of Angel for me! OMG I WAS SO HAPPY WHEN SHE TOLD ME THAT! I own my life to her now! but also, in the card she gave me, she had a pic of harley in it, glued into the card, Harley is from the comics, Boy meets boy, she loves them too. and then a personal message, which was very touching. ^^

so yeah, we just played games, and talked all night, and every one went home at about 10 and Frost stayed the night. and we didn't do to much, but it was fun. ^^

so then today I just had to baby sit and clean up the shed in the back yard, I have to do a lot of cleaning huh? and my weight tranning starts in a few days! I can not wait, like I said before. I hope I meet some one. :) *is starting to feel a little lonely* :(

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