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Thursday, April 28, 2005


hehe, hey guys. ^^ now first, a few things, Vamp, don't you steal my cake XD and monkeyOrange, *hands her a piece of cake* there. ^^ its strawberry shortcake. yum. :D and Frost, *hands him a crum* =P I ate the rest, sorry XD and to Ju, hmm, thats what I need at my party, a dancer =P hehe, I wonder what my mum would say XD

heh, but today has been SO awsome so far. :D ok, first, my mum said that I can skip school today!! how cool is that? =D and I got some gifts too, a new computer moniter, its from Dell and is really cool looking!!!!! my old one was broken so I kind of needed it =P and I got a new keyboard for my comp too. hehe, the old one was sooooo dirty. >.< bleck. also, I got a NES and a bunch of games!!!! I am collecting old games like that so it really helped my progress. ^^ and I also got some DVDs. :)

and one last thing to top it off. my magazine came in the mail today! XD what are the chanses of that? hehe, Today has been ubershibby. :)


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