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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

   Grrrrrr @ computers!

hehe, sorry I couldn't post until now! =/ my comp has been having troubles. >.< so I got on as soon as I could. :) so how is every one today? things have been just fine for me, though I have been kind of tired today, heh. and I went out woth Frost today and we were looking at kittens and stuff becuase he is going to get one! that will be so cool. though we didn't see any kittens becuse every one was out >.> great huh? but we still had fun. :D

I also went out with my step dad becuase my mum wanted some time alone, so we all went out, even my little brother, who is the reason my mum wanted to be alone XD but yeah, se we all just went to hang around the mall.

Oh, and now that I have set up my basement and such for a game room, my mum is starting to play video games again! woo! though she likes to stick to the sega games. heh. shes an old schooler. she cant play the "new" 3D games, oh well.

but thats all I have to say! peach out!


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