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Friday, April 22, 2005

   I will be gone for a little bit

Hey guys. ^^ don't mind the emoticon, I am not really "crying" sad, but I am sad.

I will be gone until monday or tuesday. becuase I have a reall really really busy schedule right now. ^^ I said most of the things I am doing in my last post, but I found something esle I am doing now XD hehe

Well I am going to be sleeping over at Glacial Drakes house tonight, and then I have to be back at my house early so I can get all washed up and stuff, so that I can go to my grand parents house to babysit for the day, and possibly the night, so I might sleep over there. and then I have to be back at my house again, early because I am going to that womans show with Ju and Glacial Drake. ^^ so then I will be back home in the early evening so I will take my rest, but theeeeeeeen. on monday I have school and have to go out with my step dad to go around town and pick up some new funiture we bought. O.O

so yeah, pretty busy, but thats the new thing I found out! FURNITURE! we bought a new 32" TV and are getting a fo-ton(I think thats how you spell it), those couches that turn into a bed, well yeah. ^^ and now my basement will be like a tv room with games and stuff. :D woo, just in time for my party! so that will be so much fun!

but I will miss you guys. ^^ I might be able to get back here for PMs and stuff, but I wont have any time for annother update until Tuesday!! So I'll see you all then! *big huggles* bye :D and peach out ;)


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