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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

   I went out a bit last night

Hey guys. ^^ its nice to know that I have been here for like, over a year now. XD maybe I'll make it annother year, wouldn't that be cool? Oh, and thank you sooooo much guys for all the great comments on my last post. ^^ you guys are great! :D hehe.

well anyway, I had some fun last night! :D I went out to wal-mart with my step dad, John, and we went there becuase I am doing this project for school. Its all about what I need to do when I move out and such. so I went to wal-mart to look at prices of stuff to see what I need to live in my own house and such, so that was fun. ^^

and while I was there, I went into the electronics, like I always do, and I "was" going to get a game for my Gamecube. I was going to get Mario Sunshine, becuase its cheap, but I beat that already and I didn't get it. =/ but now I think I'll go get it some time soon. oh, and also, I was thinking about getting a platnum coloured controller, but they WERE OUT! nooo. I need another controller for my party which is pretty soon. >.< so I need to find one.

aaaaaand, also, since I acctually had some money, I went and had a look in the clothes department and I bought some new Jeans. ^^ hehe, I love them, and since my favorite pair of jeans now has these HUGE holes in them, I kind of look like a hobo. >.< so these new jeans are just awsome and they are a style I have never tried before. ^^ aaaand, they were really cheap. I got them for about 14 dollers, canadain. ^^ go me!

well, thats all I really have to say right now! but I'll talk to you guys later! peach out!


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