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Saturday, January 5, 2008

   i dont know what to make of this help me out
im Roxas Storm
this girl Christine is the other
roxas_storm: hey whats up
wear_jordans_not_vanz: wat?
roxas_storm: its jeremy i just wanna talk
wear_jordans_not_vanz: i knoe >.<
roxas_storm: then why did ya put wat?
wear_jordans_not_vanz: coz i can.
roxas_storm: srry about the other day
wear_jordans_not_vanz: whatever...your opinion doesn't really count in my relationship wit Danny.
roxas_storm: wow....that hurt
wear_jordans_not_vanz: Or your thoughts.
wear_jordans_not_vanz: ...isn't that the whole point?
roxas_storm: yea but you should already know its hard for me to deal with it
wear_jordans_not_vanz: fyi i don't really give a s***
wear_jordans_not_vanz: I never really did...Marco and I only talked with you like that cause we had nothing else to do.
roxas_storm: wow.....christine i cant understand why you did this
roxas_storm: what did i ever do to you
Last message received at 01/05/2008 01:32 AM
wear_jordans_not_vanz: i don't really care. i should've never RPed with you...or even started to talk with you. In MY opinion, Danny is a way better RPer than you...you have doubts about Danny...well you don't know him that well..I don't give a another s*** about your 'vibes' about him...he is a great guy...honest, caring, sweet, laid back but his mind is full of thought, but most of all he loves me..he pushes aside all his other daily acitivities just to spend time with me...we have a future together..with a wedding, children, an actual life.
roxas_storm: well if you truly do feel that why then by all means marry the dude and if you never cared about me then join the list christine
roxas_storm: all i did was love you and think about you alot even when i had alana i messed up and i blaim only me
roxas_storm: but if you wish you never knew me then go ahead and think that cause its your life not mine
Last message received at 01/05/2008 01:39 AM
wear_jordans_not_vanz: Exactly...but what got me pissed every time we talked was when I would bring up Danny you would just go ahead and shoot out cons about him...I never did that about Alana despite that she is white and blonde....Danny is NOT white he is mostly Italian. You would go ahead and say.."Oh Christine he only wants you for sex blah blah BLAH" HE DOES NOT WANT ME FOR THAT! HE RESPECTS ME FOR MORE THAN THAT. And you said that just cause he has ADD and a speech problem...doesn't make him well not that type of person..for your info buddy...he is NOT that type of person...Danny is overprotective about me but thats what I like in a guy to be protective over me like that....despite that I don't get to cosplay...idc he and I are going together...he doesn't want me to be with other guys because he wants to be the only guy for me and HE IS...he doesn't care about my bros or Marco (cause Marco is gay like that)
roxas_storm: you really wanna know why i always bashed danny
wear_jordans_not_vanz: shoot.
roxas_storm: cause i didnt want it to happen like every other girl i ever cared about....i didnt want to lose you and when i did i felt like shit like i always do
roxas_storm: to be honest if it meant me getting nearly killed to be with you i wouldve done it
roxas_storm: hell getting killed wouldve been worth it
roxas_storm: the only reason why i didnt talk to you for along time was cause i didnt have a cell...and my internet was lost for along time
wear_jordans_not_vanz: i knoe that u didn't have a cell and that shit.
roxas_storm: Danny was my worst nightmare come true thats why i bashed him i didnt want to seem weak even tho i am
wear_jordans_not_vanz: You shouldn't speak big when you are not. *cough**cough*
roxas_storm: i know that....ive told you that many times before i just said what i said out of fear...fear of losing you forever
roxas_storm: you may not care about my vibes or me at all but that doesnt change any feeling i have over you
roxas_storm: as far respecting goes i respected you alot sex was the last thing on my mind.....even tho yes i am a perv and all it was the last thing on my mind with you
roxas_storm: i loved you that i wanted to spend my life with you
roxas_storm: i dont even understand why you even led me on this long if the truth is you never cared about me
roxas_storm: ive told you my past and my problems
roxas_storm: now since you gotten with him and alana left me im too freaked out to even try and fall inlove with someone
roxas_storm: and yet i still cant drop my feelings for you
wear_jordans_not_vanz: ^_^ sounds good to meh.
roxas_storm: im not following what do you mean by that
wear_jordans_not_vanz: u don't have to
roxas_storm: hold on let me get my mic
roxas_storm: speak
wear_jordans_not_vanz: hold on >.<
roxas_storm: k
wear_jordans_not_vanz: forget it im going to bed...try to talk tomoro

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