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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Sad bit of my life...
Heaven Bound

A little girl
Six years old
A loving family
Now feeling cold
A beautiful child
So filled with life
She went to her mummy
And smiled so slight
‘Oh please let me come,
Let me come to the pen!
I want to see the chickens
And play with my hens.’
Her mother smiled
As she said it would be fine
So she took her to the chickens
And watched her daughter say ‘Bye’
To every last hen
To the roosters too
She hugged them so carefully
‘Oh, I’ll miss you…’
An odd thing, her mother thought
But never would she dare
To think more of these doings
To so much as fear…
Night came around
She put on her shoes
‘Mummy’ she smiled
‘You know I love you.’
That little girl
With her favorite shoes on
She went through out the house
And hummed her favorite song
She hugged every doll
And played with all her toys
She kissed her little sister
And smiled at the boys
‘Mummy,’ she whispered
As she laid in her bed
‘Mimi will be fine,
Tell daddy that’s what I said.’
The very next day
A tragedy and more
At 1:30 pm
Mimi went to the Lord
A terrible tragedy
That’s struck us hard
A heartbreak unreal
It seems so very far
Heaven bound
To the Lord she went
God called her home
My little cousin you’re missed…

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Monday, January 9, 2006

   Grrrrrrr! TRUCKS! Errrrrrr! *bad word! bad word!*
In my most recent travels, I got the privilege of spending my time with the bullies of the road. My poor little car and I felt very nerves to say the least! All it would take is one of those gigantic wheels and my little car would be finished! My car, which I’ve affectionately named Fizz, *For some reason I have this weird need to name every little inanimate object, I don't know I guess I’m just crazy* ANYWAYS, my car, Fizz and I were coming to an intersection and to my horror I realized I was trapped! There were three ENORMOUS trucks trying to merge into the lane Fizz was in, and behind me I had a giant orange truck tailgating me! So close in fact that I couldn’t see his bumper! Now on the side of me, the left lane where you are suppose to merge into during a situation such as this, there was another victim of the evil trucks! Of course though he was a little bigger than my little car, but still an insect to the bullies of the road! I now realized I was trapped! The three giant trucks that where trying to merge into my lane, were not going to slow down, the truck behind me was not going to slow down! And the trucks behind the poor other victim *which was a van* were not going to slow down either! I had horrible visions of being completely smashed! Pan-caked between two large bullies! To say the least, I was scared!
I must say though, that what I did end up doing was probably selfish on my part, but tell me what would you have done! Anyways, back to the story...
I realized that if I didn’t do something quick my vision would become reality! I didn't want to die victim to a truck! And I certainly didn't want my Fizz to be crumpled! So I was faced with two options, I could either, (a) stay in the lane I was in, and possibly be creamed, or I could, (b) jump in front of the van *which was probably filled with a family of 7* and possibly be the reason for killing a van full of kids!
I was selfish, I admit, and chose the option (b)... I wasn't prepared to be creamed by my archenemy of the road! It all ended out just fine though, as my little Fizz was quick and clever! I pulled out in front of the van, and made it safely as the large trucks bellowed on by me... I let out a sigh; I had made it and was now ready to take the angry honking of the van behind me.

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Saturday, December 31, 2005

WOW! Traveling is not fun at all!! *sigh* it gets tiering very quick! Although having my own car makes it soooooooo much better! I'm heading on up to Canada, *like it isn't cold enough here! Geeeeezzzz* but its ok, cause i'll get to see Toronto!!!! I have wanted to tour Toronto since, well... i'll be honest, since i've seen Forever Knight!! eeeep, don't think i'm crazy! Lol, but the fact is, i'll get to see it!!! and i'm excited!
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