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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 05/18/05:
coo coo

you are a..MODERN vampire. you are pretty much in
the middle of good and evil. you dont mind
humans, but you like going along with your
insticts as well. you show your opposite sides
at very different times. you can be kind and
merciful, but suddenly harsh and cold. you
sometimes make a game of it. are you kidding?
are you serious? one wrong step and who knows!
you love tranquill water, going with the flow.
you are pretty nutral

what kind of vampire are you?(hellsing pics)
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Result Posted on 05/18/05:
uhuh... sure

I am Carbuncle
You are Carbuncle! Rather than attacking, you help
protect party members from taking damage.
You're always there when you're needed, and
you're a cutie to boot

What Final Fantasy summon are you?
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Result Posted on 05/18/05:
... cool i guess

Griffin: Griffins are gorgeous creatures with the head of an
eagle and the body of a lion. You are smart
and can think on your feet. You also can be a
bit of an airhead and may be called a ditz by
others. You are not dtupid, but in fact, very
intelligent. You are also eager to help others
and are usually docile and submissive. But if
someone offends you you do bite back.

What Mythological Creature Are You (Many Results and Beautiful Pics)
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Result Posted on 05/18/05:
ha cool

Darkness Sprite
Cruel, beautiful, ominous and evil You are a sprite of Darkness: Most shiver at the
sound of your name, you are ominous and
something to be feared. Humans are playthings
to you, toys for your own horrid uses.
Heartless and cruel you love the pain and
hardships of others, sometimes you are the
cause. You are very beautiful on the outside
which will entrance any mortal into believing
what you lead them to, but sooner or later they
will understand the deadly ways of your true
nature. Despite your dark side you are very
talented, you have many gifts that you leave
locked up in favor of whatever else your doing
at the moment. The feeling of love is alien and
unwanted, it frightens you. Perhaps the only
thing that does, you are quite brave and things
rarely surprise or startle you.

.::=What type of Mythical Sprite are you?=::. -With Anime Pictures and detailed answers-
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Result Posted on 05/18/05:

FREEDOM... your soul wants to be unbound...

What is your soul looking for?? (images)
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Result Posted on 05/18/05:
... cute

You're a Intense Kisser
You have an intense kiss! You and your partner
connect when you kiss and you forget about the
rest of the world. Hey, call me!!! ^_~

What anime kiss are you?
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Result Posted on 05/18/05:
ha i knew i always liked those fot a reasion

! You are Most Like A Ruby ! Passionate, in control - and very sexy. You tend to be more dominant, and people long to possess your wild nature. People find you fun, and a real live
wire. You're most like a Ruby because people simply can't take their eyes away from you - your bright
captivating nature draws people to you. Congratulations ... You're the sparkly fun gem
everybody craves.

?? Which Precious Gem Are You ??
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Result Posted on 05/08/05:
... really, i would never, use this one,,, too many bruses on the neck.

Take the quiz: "Method of Suicide"

Your own gallows call. Your method of suicide is Hanging.

Result Posted on 04/21/05:
umm cool

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What FF7: Advent Children Character Are You?
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Result Posted on 04/21/05:
uhuh too bad mine are dark brown

Your eye color is dark blue. You rely on your logic
solely, and may have more mature interests than
many of your friends and family your age. You
can sometimes also be interverted and lonely
from a lack of understanding with people, and
can be rather frustrated with some types of
folke. Some may describe you as cold and
distant, and you are honest with how you feel
about things.

What Color Eyes Should You Have? ( With Anime Pictures ^-^ )
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