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Monday, July 10, 2006

Let's start with an apology for the late update.
This month is a little lighter, no deaths! Just disbanded.


Baroque was formed in 2001. They consisted of Akira (ex Shiver guitarist), Bansaku on bass (ex After Effect bassit), Naru on drums, And Ryo and K (Kei) of kannivalism (Ryo on vocals, and K on guitar).
In 2002, Naru left the band and was replaced with Yuuji.
They announced official disbandment in 2004.

Guys, sorry for the lack of info and pictures, but my internet is REALLY being an ass at the moment. But for more information look up kannivalism, alright? Once again.. sorry.


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Monday, June 5, 2006


Visage was a five member visual kei band. The line up was as follows:
Hiro on vocals(bottom middle)
Satoru on guitar(top right)
Ryou on bass(middle left)
Ryouki on guitar(top left)
Manabu on drums(bottom right)

Visage disbanded in 2004 due to the tragic death of their bassist, Ryou.
Ryou was prescribed too much of a type of medicine (I'm sorry I'm not sure why), and due to the side effects was killed.
I'd go more into Ryou's life, but sadly, Visage wasn't the most popular band, and it's hard to find much information on them.

Since they've disbanded, all the members have started on new projects. Satoru is the only one who hasn't, and he is scheduled for a new band and should be a member by the end of March. The most popular or these projects is probably Ryouki's, a band called KuRt.

R.I.P. Ryou


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Tuesday, May 2, 2006

In Mermory Of Hide
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hide (real name Matsumoto Hideto) the former
member of the highly popular X-Japan was found in his home dead on May 2nd 1998. Hide had committed suicide that day after being drunk and placed in his room by the woman he lived with. She came in later to find him hanging from his bathroom door by a towel. He was in a sitting position somewhat suspended by the doorknob. hide was confirmed dead a little before 9:00 AM on the 2nd. At the time he was found in his room he was still barely clinging to life but he let go as they brought him into the hospital. Thousands of heart-broken fans gathered outside his house and the house of his parents to mourn for the great guitarist's death.

I could go on about the millions of tearstained fans that attended his many funerals and literally blocked up downtown Tokyo in doing so - but all I would like to conclude this with is that even though hide is gone he is sill very much alive. His music is legendary to me and I will always listen to it. hide was - and still is - my guitarist idol. I only hope that now he is in a better place and that some of the pain still lingering here sill slowly fade away. I love you hide.


A rose for Hide

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Hizumi -Madeth Gray'll

Many know of Hizumi, vocalist of D`espairs Ray, but how many know Hizumi, deceased guitarist of Madeth Gray'll?
Hizumi died in 1998 on the way to Hideto "hide" Matsumoto's burial. Madeth Gray'll was formed in 1997 and had just begun to release music when Hizumi died in a vehicle accident. Guitarist Shizuru left the band shortly after the incident.
They continued on and lasted until early 2001. The band had nine members from start to finish.
The band released a single in 1998 which included "hakuchuumu no sangeki", which was written by Hizumi.

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