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Sunday, August 22, 2010

   The Long and Windy Road
Over a year since my last post! Well you guys Im still alive... no strike that Im better than alive. Since then I persued a relationship with someone here, chokolatealkemist. I even got to meet her last month. I been greater than I ever thought I could be in my life.

This was a fun ride guys. I mean I have some killer memories from this place. Saddly it will never be the same. The place is dying. I say we should ride myO out until it disapears. Im prolly gonna be on still for a while.

Though what ever happens I hope you all have great lives. Live out your plans and make it worth while!
Your Friend, Josh
"Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans."

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

   New post auhuahua!
Hey folks!
I said I would be here yesterday folks. MyO was messing up on me. What? Better late than never!
I been sick the last few days. Yeah if you were on the chats and I wasnt so happy sorry!
Here is a question for you guys what song is in your head right now?

PM me!

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sorry folks(PM me if you're bored)
I havent had a recent update in forever and I'm sorry! Summer has just been a blast for me. Well if you are as bored as I am at this very moment PM me on theO! Could be fun!

Oh yeah the Dark Tower series by Stephen King is a must buy for you readers out there!
Well more will be posted tommorow!

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Monday, June 1, 2009

part of my story

Part one:

It was the best of times, It was the worst of times,… I do believe this was the first line of The Tale of Two Cities. This line I once read and once was bored but now it speaks for me. I do recall a time in my life where I was in love, but alas it was in hardship.

When I was ten I had all the things that I could want. Loving parents, a fun little brother named Nathan, great friends. It was terrific. But my little brother was a sick child. He was weak in the body. While his body was weak his heart and soul was strong.

I never realized it though. I was reckless. One summer day we were playing tag and running around. I tapped my brother’s back and shouted, “You’re it!” He fell over. I immediately went down to see him on my knees. I held him in my arms.

That day will haunt my mind forever. I remember each detail. I remember the fresh green grass stained by crimson blood. My little brother Nathan was wearing a white wife beater shirt, which was soiled by blood. He was also wearing blue jeans.

I remember that look he gave me. It was glossed. He didn’t cry while the blood ran from his mouth. I was in shock. He told me, “Big brother, she’s so pretty I hope she likes you. This world is so pretty… Its cold and warm.” That was the last thing. When a chill breeze went through them and he closed his eyes.

I sat there with him in my arms. I was crying hard and wished for him to be back. I stayed there for what seemed to be forever. My mom ran out and asked what happened. I didn’t say anything. They called the ambulance where Nathan was pronounced dead.

Nathan was five and I was ten

The funeral was beautiful. The sad feeling seemed to have taken over the whole town. The pews were filled with tears. I was quiet and only did what I could, pray. I saw my brother for the last time lying peacefully in his casket. His face was the same when I was holding him.

I sat back down and thought of the fun times we had. I remembered those Christmases and Halloweens. I remember the first day of his first and final year of school. I started crying and was comforted and hugged by many.

As I walked out of the church feeling sad and alone. I felt as if I will never be happy again. I was ten years old and my soul was crushed. My heart was broken into many pieces. I was ten and my life was over.

My life soon went straight to hell. My mom and dad fought often arguing whose fault it was. My mom started being clinically depressed and my dad became a good for nothing man who drowns his sadness in whiskey.

My friends started to leave me. One by one I turned them away. They moved on from the boy who just sat there. My grades fell quick too. My teachers, family, and friends were disappointed. I was alone in my world.

My family moved to another city. It was a bit sad. All traces of my happiness went away. I lived in that same house for a long time. Until the end of my senior year.

My high school years were quiet. I was a nobody. No one knew anything about me and I knew nothing of them. My grades stayed bad. I didn’t care much. The sooner I got out of school the better.

Then one day came. Things changed. I went on the wildest ride of my life.

One day early in my senior year it seemed to be normal. I got a phone call. It was my Mom. My dad was arrested for hitting her. She was distraught while I was outraged. I stormed out of the building ready to fight.

It was then this girl came to me. She didn’t seem to be popular or nerdy. She was normal. She was asking me something about where a class was. I wasn’t in the mood so I pushed her. She fell on the ground. Her glasses flew and her blue jeans ripped.

I stopped and looked at her. She was crying. She got up. The girl told me, “What’s wrong with you! You’re a horrible insensitive jerk,” then she slapped me. She grabbed her book bag and stormed off.

I stood there motionless. I was surprised of what happened. I was sickened on what I done. I saw she left her glasses I picked them up and went home.

I sat in my room looking at those glasses. I started to feel bad of what I did. I decided to draw her an apology card. It was probably the cutest thing I ever drew. It was a cat with these huge anime eyes looking sad. I clipped the glasses onto the card and took it to school the next day.

I looked for her all day. I even ditched a class to find where she was. I finally found her. I went up to her. She was squinting with a bad look on her face. “What do you want?” she asked me in a hostile tone. I gave her the card. She looked at me still mad and told me, “I can’t read this because someone st…” she couldn’t finish when I put them back on her.

“Oh thank you, umm who ar.. Are you?” she asked me.
“My name is Stephen.”
“Thank you, Stephen my name is Brittany,” Brittany looked at her card. She giggled, “It is super cute!” It was then I noticed her appearance. She had wavy dirty blond hair that flowed down in a rhythm to her shoulders.

I told her, “I’m sorry for what I did yesterday. I should of never did that.”
“I’m sorry too, I shouldn’t of slapped you,” she said looking like she is going to blush.
“Want to go to lunch with me Brittany?”
“I’d love to Stephen! Call me Britt by the way!”
We became friends quick. She was my first friend for a long time. We had a lot of fun. We grew closer and closer to each other. We shared a lot with each other. I told her about my brother. She was so empathetic with me. She told me that she only had her and her mother at home. Her father was killed by a robber.

I remember we were hanging out one Friday. We decided to go to my home town. I took a trip down memory lane there. We saw many things that were in my child hood even my house.

The house was never filled again since we left. We went through the fence and to the door. A cold chill went through me there. I felt above the door and grabbed a key that mom put there if she was locked out. I got us inside.

She looked around the room and said, “This place is beautiful!”
“I never realized it but it is.”
“Take me to your room!”
“Not like that you perv!”
“N.. No! I wasn’t thinking of that!”
“Sure sure!”
“Lets go!”

We got there and saw the dark wood paneling and the brick walling. “This room is so tiny!” she exclaimed.
“Oh my goodness I cant believe I nearly forgot!” he ran to his wall.
“Penny for your thoughts?” she asked.
“it’s a box I made,” he said as he took out a loose brick.
“What’s in it?”

He pulled out the box and blew dust of it. Stephen opens it and pulls out several pictures and a card from Nathan’s funeral. “These are good memories… and one bad.”
“Oh I am truly sorry Stephen”
“Its not your fault,” he said as she walked to him to see the photos. He showed her the pictures. “Stephen! You and your brother were so cute!” At that moment I was turning red. A real girl never said anything about me was cute.

I snapped together and said, “Thank you,” I then went to the back yard. I was surprised it was the same. The grass was green and the tree was still green and full of life. This was the same yard I held my tiny sickly dying brother in my arms. I sat in front of the area where I held him.

I was very quiet. Britt looked at me worried. “This is where it happened, right?” she asked.
“Y..Yes it is” I responded when she held my hand.
“He sounded like a very good person,” she said
“Nathan was my best friend.”

I sat there for a while thinking about the past. All the things me and him did went swiftly through my mind. I got up and headed home with her. We talked on the way back about random things. It was a very pleasant no it was a wonderful ride.

We got back into town at sunset. We went to a park next because we felt like it. We sat on the hood of the car listening to the radio. They heard an old song on the radio Always and Forever by Heatwave. I started singing, “ Always and forever! Each moment with you! Is just like a dream to me! That somehow came true!”

She laughed and joined in we were simultaneously singing, “And I know tomorrow will still be the same! ‘Cause we got a life of love that wont ever change and! Every day! Love me your own special way! Melt all my heart away… with a smile! Take time to tell me you really care and we’ll share tomorrow! Together! I’ll always love you! Forever.

We just busted out laughing. She dropped her glasses and we laughed harder. Then I look at her. She had her hair up in a pony tail. I look harder and I saw something awesome. She was beautiful. The scene was like something you see on a romance novel. The sun set the beauty it was all there.

I looked and admired her. As Britt laughed I saw her very cute smile. Her eyes were green and oh so wonderful. She was so happy, graceful, and beautiful. I had felt a feeling for her he have never felt for a long time. That feeling was love.

We watched as the sun fell behind the mountains. The sight was great. I decided to go for the moment. I put my hand on her hand. She looked at me. “Ste… Stephen?” she said while looking confused. At one point I was worried I did something wrong.

We just looked at each other. She smiled and got red and turns away. She quickly looked back, “Stephen? I… oh Stephen!” We leaned over to each other. Then are lips touch.

That was my first kiss. It was the third best kiss I ever got. We separate. We look at each other in accomplishment. We both get red. I put my arm around her. She cuddled up by me. It just felt right.

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

   Farewell to friends
Yes people my words are true I am leaving myO. I dont want to make this a sad final message. I have to say this has been the funnest place on the web. I want to thank you all for the laughs and good things over the years. Though most of those I want to thank are gone now I still thank them to this day. I will never forget all of the people here. Now for those who I still talk to Id like to thanks.

You helped me out alot! I'd like to thank you for alot of things. I'd like to apologize for all the whining I did lol

X Shadowme X
We go way back. Back further than anyone else. I remember the old days we had.

Man I dont know how you are so insane and sane at the same time! Stay cool!

You were quiet and cool what else can I say?

So energetic! You were an awesome person and probably will be

Sorry I couldnt stay long enough to know you. But it was awesome the time we had!

You were probably the most insanley random person I knew! STAY THAT WAY!

You were really awesome and pink lol. You were a very nice person.

Crazy dude! That is what you are you know that. At least you were there to help.
Hope your internet gets better!

Such a nice girl. I did enjoy our time together. I wish you the best of luck for your future.

You were really fun. Its a shame I couldnt say bye to you. You were an awesome person

Hey dude it was nice knowing you! If you decide on going into the millitary god bless!

HEY WOLF! You were always fun and knew how to be witty! Keep being awesome!

We are like friggen twins =D

Now I have plenty of plans for my future I plan to be a graphic designer. If I join the service I will be a marine. I plan on having a family LATER in my life.

Have a super awesome life! I mean it too have your life be more awesome than a fist fight with a grizzly bear!

PANDA Pictures, Images and Photos

That is not a grizzly oh well!
I guess thats it oh wait!
McCain - alone- mad Pictures, Images and Photos

Now thats it!
Sweet dreams
good luck
god bless
semper fi
good bye!



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Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!
Hello all! I had a nice easter day! It was quiet and I loved it. I got no candy though. Oh well I can handle that.
How was your guys easter day or just normal sunday?
Happy easter!
Have a nice night!

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

   Silent night
Hello people!
I have been having a really long week. It is finally over YAY!!!! I am pretty happy too! So many new things going on it isnt even funny. Kind of scary but I will live.
No video this time kiddies... sorry.

Have a lovely day and or night!

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Friday, March 27, 2009

I finaly got some more friends here ^^
It is nice to finally have more people to talk to around here!
Again thanks for the fast responses!
Contact the user shred if you want another awesome friend!
Yes friday! It has been a very very long week for me. It has been too long actually. Some of you know what I am talking about.

Anyways here is a funny deathnote video!
(minor spoiler)

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Everyone knows that myO is dying.
Me and a few other people are fighting to bring this place back up.
I plea if you read this try to send this message to your friends!
Let us repair the broken ties of myO!

Add your name on this list and put it on your profile if you want to bring back myO and want people to find you!


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Monday, March 9, 2009

true naruto style
Part one

Part two

Part 3

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