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Friday, February 20, 2009



hello ppls!!!

thankx for the comments! i really do need to update more often huh?

yes i got to see Air. i like the drawing and the anime looks really cute! ^^

oh i failed yet another biology test...at this rate i'ma have to take the class again next year...and that is not gonna happen.

Have my watched my vid?! i know jamo did! thanks for that! your really did like it?!

well let's see to ask some questions...HOW ARE YOU!!! well that's it...i got to go...i have homework..over the fricken weekend...sigh.

OH today i was like...emo-ish...i guess...i just felt like mad at the world...when i'm usually so happy and the joy of my friends...ya know?

Well laters!!!

Song of the day:

Jikan Yo Tomare - AZU featuring Seamo
(From Itazura na Kiss WATCH IT!

Picture of the day:
(THEY ARE THE CUTEST ANIME COUPLE EVER! though he's a major butthole at times! ^^)

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