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Friday, May 23, 2008




yay! yep school is out in morton,mississippi for all the people that did homework and pass the grade! I don't know about the people who didn't pass......maybe they will take summer school!? but myotaku....i miss you!

HOPEFULLY when everybody gets out of sch00l everybody will return to myotaku....not theotaku. ^^; so yea! i wonder if anyone will read this?! makes me sad that only Heley came to see what i wrote....THANKX HELEY! SPEAKING OF HELEY she went to go see the Death Note movie in the theaters on wednesday. I wanted to go but i had to study and also my daddy said no. boo hoo! ^^;

Well let's see what else?????? oh.....well i guess that's it then! see ya!

Song of the day:
Schools out for Summer - AC/DC
(WHOOO!!!! YEA IT'S OUT AND ITS awesome!)

Pix of the Day:
Schools Out
(WHOO! they are kewl!)

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