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Saturday, March 22, 2008



Hello all! thanx for the comments! awesome! Well we didn't go to school on friday and we won't go on monday either so that's a plus!!! And we have a contest coming up in band! I hope I go and do awesome in it! BAND RULES!

OW!! you know when you put up your hair and when you let it loose it hurts like a whole bunch? Well that's how i feel right now and plus it giving me a headache! owyyyyyy!!!!! BOM CHICKA WOH WOM! srry!

Well what else is new? Oh got a new theme yea i don't know if you notice but i had Fooly Cooly last time and this time DEATH NOTE! it rules! ^^well i guess that's it for today. Got to go practice!

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(this song rules!)

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(so kewl and cute!)

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