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Thursday, March 13, 2008



Hello all! Well thankx for the comment! wish i can get more like i used to..but I don't visit no more waaahhh! Makes me sad!

Anyways to more recent news I didn't know there was a dragon ball movie coming up kinda kewl! All thanks to Lord Sesshomaru. ^^;; OH i do not like the version on theotaku page kinda weird looking. o.0' so how do you go to look at the wallpapers and stuff?! I know you go the lil tabs or whatever but still weird! and the pm's? we have to go there just to check it? kinda gay if you ask me.

well i guess that's all for now. um yea i am going to be cleaning my friends list to only people i visit like a daily basis and close friends and new friends are only staying so hope you don't get the boot! byes!


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