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Saturday, February 23, 2008

   I just can't believe it.


Hi all. thanks for the comments. Um....I tink I have bad news...My doggie....Target..He died..And for some strange reason it still hasn't sink in. I'm just thinking this is a bad dream and that I can't wake up. Its been a day and half now..and I cant see him! It's just not believeable to me....*sobs*WHY DID THIS HAPPEN! AM I BEENING PUNISHED!? WHY GOD WHY TAKE HIM! HE WAS JUST A PUPPY! *CRYS* NOOOOOO!!!!!! WHY!!! DID HE NOT BELONG TO ME!? WAS I BEENING A BAD MOTHER TO HIM? *SOBS*

I'm sorry I had to let that out. I probably won't update for a long time...who knows...god...I can't seem to get him out of my head! Here's a picture of him.......................

New note:
I feel better now...um...I am not so sad anymore...I just hope Target will watch over me and be my animal angel. ^^ Thankx for your comments xxTristanxx and Fullmetalsgirl!

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