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Tuesday, February 19, 2008



*smiles* why hello all! I have missed you! I know I haven't been to your site and I don't know what theme you have and I'm sorry. It's just school and boys and problems...gwh! BUT DO NOT WORRY! SCHOOL IS ALMOST OUT....(yea in May) So it's ok! ^^

So do you like the new theme? I couldn't keep doing the horoscope thingy gwh for a whole year! I don't think so. ^^! So my life has been ok-ish. My friend Kiara (aka Kiwi!) come back from Florida! I just figured out that she reminds me of one of my other friends who moved away Julisa. Gwh I miss her too. She hasn't emailed me back. So I email her agian? ^^?

So how's life?! Any new guys/girls? Hook-ups? Break-ups? I want to get to know you better! And also my imaginary friend BOB! You know what's so weird.....my cousin's dog name is Bob. And he has the smallest ears for a doggy! ^^ Well I guess that's all for today! laters!!!!


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